ENGIE commissions 100-MWh battery project near existing Texas solar array


ENGIE North America has successfully commissioned the 100-MWh Sun Valley Battery Storage project in Hill County, Texas. The energy storage facility is co-located with the 250-MW Sun Valley Solar project that was commissioned last year.

engie energy storage utility sun valley solarThe Sun Valley Battery Storage project will provide reliability and ancillary services to meet ERCOT’s growing demand for electricity. The storage system can dispatch electricity into the grid when needed, including the ability to meet peak hour electrical needs of some 10,000 average homes. The system can be charged both from the co-located solar facility as well as from the wider grid, when appropriate.

“ENGIE is already operating or constructing more than 7 GW of renewable generation across North America and storage projects like Sun Valley provide complementary services to support greater penetration of renewables onto the grid,” said Dave Carroll, chief renewables officer of ENGIE North America. “Co-located projects like this, alongside a leading portfolio of stand-alone facilities such as those recently acquired from Broad Reach Power mean ENGIE is able to support both the growing demand for renewables and enable greater reliability and resilience on the nation’s power grids.”

The Sun Valley Storage project comprises 308 battery cabinets.

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