Solar Pool Skimmer
Solar Pool Skimmer

The Best Solar Skimmer for Swimming Pools (2024)

Relaxing in the sun, enjoying grilling, drinks, and family members at the pool is the ideal Sunday-day experience. But, for the most enjoyable experience, the pool must be well-maintained and clean. It’s an exhausting task to remove any debris manually from the swimming pool. Nobody would like to do it.

There’s a more simple, efficient, green, and eco-friendly solution that can help you save time and money. We were talking about the most efficient solar-powered pool cleaning systems in 2023. These solar-powered pool cleaners are built to work automatically. They can detect and eliminate the debris from your pool, leaving behind clear and clean water.

There are two primary types of solar pool cleaners: solar pool skimmers and ionizers. Both are intended to clean your pool. However, they are designed for two different functions. We’ll look at them in this quick review. Let’s take a look.

Top List Solar Pool Skimmer

Sale Betta SE Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer Cleaner with 30-Hour Continuous Cleaning Battery Power and Re-engineered Twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant Motors (Blue)
Sale Betta SE Plus - Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer with Dual Charging Options and 30-hour Continuous Cleaning Battery Power, Shallow Water Safeguard, and Twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant Motors
USECARA Solar Pool Skimmer Robot Cleaner Automatic Solar Pool Skimmer Robot Pool Cleaner Robot Pool Robot Pool Net Skimmer with Pool Skimmer Basket Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Dual Charging Options

Best Reviews of Solar Pool Cleaners

Betta SE Plus – Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer

Betta SE Plus Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer
Betta SE Plus – Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer
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Introducing the Betta SE Plus, your ultimate pool cleaning companion. With its state-of-the-art Aqua Dynamics design, it delivers unparalleled efficiency, ensuring CONTINUOUS cleaning for over 30 hours on just one full charge, even on cloudy or rainy days. Recharging is a breeze, taking a mere 5 to 6 hours under direct sunlight while in use or only 3.5 hours with the adapter. Gone are the days of daily recharging hassles, as the Betta SE Plus guarantees uninterrupted cleaning of surface debris in your pool, keeping them from settling at the bottom.

Thanks to its dual charging capabilities, the Betta SE Plus offers unmatched versatility. While wall charging acts as a backup during consecutive cloudy or rainy days, manual charging becomes unnecessary when there’s plenty of direct sunshine. Its innovative shallow water safeguard design ensures it never gets trapped at the pool stairs and effortlessly adapts to various pool types, delivering reliable performance wherever it’s needed.

Equipped with patented re-engineered twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors, this cleaner tirelessly patrols your pool surface, effectively eliminating debris such as leaves, dust, pollen, insects, and even pet hair. All debris is captured in a large fine-mesh (200 um) debris basket with a convenient top handle for effortless emptying.

Bid farewell to manual pool cleaning with the Betta SE Plus, featuring ultrasonic radar technology that detects obstacles and reroutes accordingly. Plus, its UV-resistant coating ensures durability under the sun. Experience pool perfection backed by a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. Please note that the Betta SE Plus requires a minimum of 3.5 inches of water to operate and is not compatible with infinity pools.

Video - Betta SE Plus - Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer


  • Efficiency: Its cutting-edge Aqua Dynamics design ensures exceptional efficiency, providing continuous cleaning for over 30 hours on a single full charge.
  • Dual Charging Capabilities: Offers versatility with both solar and wall charging options, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during cloudy or rainy days.
  • Effective Cleaning: Equipped with patented Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors, it reliably patrols the pool surface, effectively eliminating debris such as leaves, dust, pollen, insects, and pet hair.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Features a large fine-mesh debris basket with a top handle for effortless emptying, along with smart auto-cleaning and cordless design for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Advanced Technology: Includes ultrasonic radar technology for obstacle detection and rerouting, enhancing its navigation capabilities.


  • Initial Cost: This may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional pool cleaning methods.
  • Dependency on Sunlight: While it offers solar charging capabilities, its effectiveness may be affected in areas with limited sunlight.
  • Minimum Water Requirement: Requires a minimum of 3.5 inches of water to operate, limiting its use in extremely shallow pools.

Betta SE (2023 Model) – Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer

Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer
Betta SE (2023 Model) – Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer
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Introducing the Betta SE (2023 Model), an advanced solar-powered automatic robotic pool skimmer designed for enhanced durability and efficiency. This cutting-edge device harnesses 100% solar power to continuously and autonomously clean the water’s surface, effortlessly eliminating debris such as animal hairs, leaves, dust, pollen, and dead insects.

Equipped with four water depth bumper rods, the Betta SE utilizes ultrasonic radar technology to detect and navigate around obstacles, ensuring thorough cleaning coverage of the entire pool. This intelligent feature guarantees a pristine pool environment without the need for manual intervention.

The Betta SE boasts re-engineered twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors, specifically designed to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater. These motors power the propellers directly, resulting in increased reliability, responsiveness, and energy efficiency. Whether your pool is freshwater or saltwater, this innovative technology ensures exceptional cleaning performance.

Cleaning the Betta SE is a breeze with its large fine-mesh debris basket equipped with a convenient top handle. No need to remove the skimmer from the water—simply dock it, open the cover, and effortlessly remove the debris basket for quick and easy disposal of accumulated debris.

To withstand the harsh effects of prolonged sun exposure, the Betta SE features a special UV-resistant coating and materials. This protective layer shields the skimmer from damages caused by ultraviolet radiation, ensuring its longevity and performance even under direct sunlight.

With the added convenience of a 1-year warranty, the Betta SE allows you to bid farewell to the laborious task of manually cleaning your pool. Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace a hassle-free pool maintenance experience.

Video - Betta SE (2023 Model) Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer(Official)
Customer Feedback - Betta SE (2023 Model)
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  • Energy-efficient operation using solar power.
  • Automatic cleaning for a hassle-free experience.
  • Thorough cleaning performance with ultrasonic radar technology.
  • Saltwater compatibility for versatile use.
  • Easy maintenance with a large debris basket.


  • Higher upfront cost compared to manual cleaning methods.
  • Limited cleaning depth for debris on the pool bottom.
  • Performance may be weather-dependent.
  • Potential for tangling on certain pool elements.

Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Power Robotic Pool Skimmer

Solar Power Robotic Pool Skimmer
Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Power Robotic Pool Skimmer
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Introducing the Aiper Surfer S1, your ultimate pool cleaning companion. With its brushless motor propelling the paddle-wheel-styled design, I effortlessly glide across your pool’s surface, ensuring maximum cleaning coverage. Thanks to ultrasonic sensors, I meticulously collect debris ranging from leaves and insects to flowers and hair, leaving your pool pristine.

I’m all about sustainability with my solar panel power, ensuring you never have to worry about charging me. And on cloudy days, the included DC adapter keeps me running smoothly, so you can enjoy a clean pool year-round.

Take control of your pool’s cleanliness with the Aiper App, where you can monitor real-time water temperatures, battery status, and more. With Manual Mode, you can directly target and eliminate any elusive debris, ensuring your pool stays immaculate.

Cleaning me is a breeze with my top slide design and easily accessible filter basket. With just a simple slide, you can open me up and handle the debris effortlessly, giving you a seamless cleaning experience every time.

Video - Aiper Surfer S1 Solar Power Robotic Pool Skimmer


  • Efficient Cleaning: Utilizes a brushless motor and ultrasonic sensors for thorough cleaning coverage, efficiently collecting various types of debris from the pool surface.
  • Solar & DC Charging: Offers eco-friendly solar panel charging, ensuring continuous operation without the need for manual charging. Additionally, includes a DC adapter for cloudy days, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning.
  • App Support: Allows users to monitor water temperatures, and battery status, and control the device using the Aiper App, providing convenient control and customization options.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features a top slide design and an easily accessible filter basket, making it simple to clean and maintain, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Versatile: Suitable for all types and sizes of pools, including standard, saltwater, and natural pools, making it a versatile option for pool owners.
  • Long Battery Life: With a fully charged battery, the Surfer S1 can operate for up to twelve hours, ensuring thorough cleaning without frequent recharging.
  • LED Indicator: Includes an LED indicator for quick and easy monitoring of the device’s status, including battery level and charging status.


  • Dependence on Sunlight: Relies on sunlight for solar charging, which may limit operation in areas with limited sunlight or during cloudy weather conditions.
  • Initial Cost: This may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional pool skimmers, although the long-term savings from reduced energy consumption may offset this.

BEAUGATHER Pool Surface Cleaner Robot with Solar

Pool Surface Cleaner Robot with Solar
BEAUGATHER Pool Surface Cleaner Robot with Solar
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Let me introduce you to my incredible pool-cleaning companion. With my Solar and Rechargeable Dual Mode, I’ve got the power to keep your pool sparkling clean day and night. Under the bright sun, I soak up solar energy to last up to 12 hours. And even on cloudy days or at night, my rechargeable mode kicks in, giving me another 3 hours or more of cleaning time. With a maximum cleanable pool area of 860 square feet, I’ve got you covered no matter the size of your pool.

Navigating your pool is a breeze with my Auto Exit & Auto Turn feature. Thanks to radar detection and smart navigation, I won’t get trapped. If I find myself in a dead corner, I’ll automatically back up. And if I touch a wall, I’ll smoothly turn 90°, ensuring I can clean every inch of your pool, no matter its shape.

I offer flexibility with Two Speeds—switch between Normal mode and Fast mode depending on your cleaning needs. My four-wheel protection design ensures I won’t collide with the walls of your pool. Plus, my fine filter effectively collects debris like leaves, flower petals, dust, insects, and animal hair. You can even check my progress through the viewable window on my solar panel to see if my skimmer basket needs emptying.

I come equipped with top-notch Technology Escort features to ensure durability and efficiency. My salt and alkali-resistant material makes me perfect for use in seawater, while my UV-resistant coating protects me from sun damage. With advanced brushless motors, I offer high efficiency and a long service life.


  • Solar and Rechargeable Dual Mode: The BEAUGATHER Pool Surface Cleaner Robot with Solar offers the convenience of both solar and rechargeable modes, ensuring continuous operation regardless of sunlight availability.
  • Auto Exit & Auto Turn: Equipped with radar detection and smart navigation, the robot effectively navigates the pool without getting trapped, automatically backing up in dead corners and smoothly turning when encountering walls, suitable for pools of any shape.
  • Ease of Use: This pool cleaner is incredibly easy to use—simply place it in the pool, turn on the switch, and let it clean automatically. Its cordless design eliminates the need for cords, hoses, or additional attachments.
  • Two Speeds and Fine Filter: Users can choose between Normal mode and Fast mode for cleaning flexibility. The robot features a fine filter that effectively collects various debris types, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.
  • Technology Escort: Constructed with salt and alkali-resistant materials, UV-resistant coating, and advanced brushless motors, this pool cleaner ensures durability, efficiency, and long service life.


  • Limited Cleaning Area: The cleaning area coverage of the BEAUGATHER Pool Surface Cleaner Robot may be limited compared to larger pool cleaners, potentially requiring multiple cleaning cycles for larger pools.
  • Dependence on Sunlight: While the solar charging option provides extended operation, the robot’s performance may be affected during cloudy days or at night, necessitating the use of the rechargeable mode for continuous cleaning.

SMONET Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer

Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer
SMONET Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer
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With the SR5, I can keep my pool surface spotless by effortlessly removing pet hair, leaves, dust, pollen, and pesky bugs. Its advanced technology ensures a clean pool surface without me lifting a finger.

One of the standout features of the SR5 is its dual-charging capability. I can harness the power of the sun for continuous operation, thanks to its solar charging option. Plus, even on cloudy days, I have the convenience of a power adapter for uninterrupted charging. With just a 2.5-hour charging time, I can rely on the SR5 for consistent performance in any weather.

Navigating obstacles is a breeze with the SR5’s smart ultrasonic radar obstacle avoidance system. It detects obstacles in real time and adjusts its course to steer clear and prevent collisions. Whether it’s tight spots or tricky pool stairs, the SR5 intelligently maneuvers to avoid getting stuck.

Cleaning flexibility is key, and the SR5 delivers with its two-speed mode. I can choose between a standard mode for extended runtime or a fast mode for quick debris removal with just a single button press. The large-capacity debris basket features a drawer-style design for efficient debris collection, making maintenance a breeze.

Video - SMONET Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer


  • Effortless Cleaning: The SMONET Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer offers effortless pool cleaning by efficiently removing debris such as pet hair, leaves, dust, pollen, and bugs from the pool surface.
  • Dual-Charging Options
  • Smart Obstacle Avoidance
  • Saltwater Compatibility
  • Two-Speed Mode


  • Initial Investment: The initial cost of the SMONET Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer may be higher compared to traditional pool cleaning methods, although it offers long-term savings in time and effort.
  • Dependency on Sunlight: While the solar charging option provides extended battery life, the skimmer’s operation may be affected on cloudy or rainy days, necessitating the use of the power adapter for continuous operation.

ACCUCRAFT Solar Powered Automatic Pool Skimmer

Solar Powered Automatic Pool Skimmer
ACCUCRAFT Solar Powered Automatic Pool Skimmer
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Let me walk you through my pool cleaning solution. With my Dual Charging Options, I’ve got you covered no matter the weather. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, I can keep your pool pristine year-round with solar-powered charging and Adapter Charging. And with an impressive 180-minute runtime or more, I can cover up to 1000 square feet of pool area, ensuring every inch stays clean.

I’m all about smart, cordless cleaning with my Auto Clean feature. Thanks to my innovative structural design, I can tackle all kinds of floating debris like leaves, dust, pollen, and even pesky insects without breaking a sweat. My performance is unmatched, and I’ll save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Not only that, but I’m compatible with both Freshwater and Saltwater environments. With twin Salt chlorine-tolerant brushless copper Motors and built-in motor overcurrent protection, I offer high efficiency, long service life, and whisper-quiet operation. You can rely on me to deliver excellent cleaning performance no matter what kind of pool you have.

My Ultrasonic Radar Sensors give me the edge when it comes to navigation. I can automatically detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring I clean every corner of your pool surface. Plus, with my special UV-resistant coating and durable materials, I’m built to withstand the sun’s rays, so you can count on me for years to come.

I offer flexibility with Two Speeds, so you can choose between Normal mode and Fast mode depending on your cleaning needs. And with my four-wheel protection design, you won’t have to worry about me colliding with the walls of your pool.

With a 3-year factory warranty, you can trust the reliability. Just keep in mind that it requires at least 5 inches of water to operate, and is not compatible with infinity pools.


  • Dual Charging Options
  • Efficient Cleaning
  • Compatibility: The skimmer is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater pools, thanks to its twin salt chlorine-tolerant brushless copper motors, offering high efficiency and long service life.
  • Ultrasonic Radar Sensors
  • Warranty and Support: The skimmer comes with a 3-year factory warranty, providing peace of mind to users. Additionally, the manufacturer offers responsive customer support, with inquiries typically answered within 12 hours.


  • Minimum Water Requirement: The skimmer requires a minimum water depth of 5 inches to operate effectively, limiting its usability in shallower pools.
  • Compatibility Limitation: The skimmer is not compatible with infinity pools, which may restrict its usage for some pool owners with specific pool designs.

The Main 3 Points About Buying A Solar Pool Skimmer

Solar Pool Skimmer
3 Points About Buying A Solar Pool Skimmer

Time of running

Solar pool skimmers function by using photovoltaic cells that transform sunlight and recharge the battery with DC that runs a small dynamo, which causes the paddles to spin to purify the water.

The battery that is integrated has a maximum capacity that will be attained. On bright days, the device will be able to recharge by consuming energy. On cloudy days the skimmer could need to operate using its battery.

This is the reason why having a longer run time (on fully charged) is always a good idea in that, regardless of weather conditions your pool skimmer will always be able to maintain your pool, regardless of the size.

Another aspect you need to consider is the decrease in the pump’s running time. The solar pool cleaning systems are designed to cut down on the running time of the pump. This translates to less energy consumption. Every manufacturer estimates the amount of the reduction in the pump’s operation that is worth looking into.

Debris Removal

Skimmers for the solar pool are made to eliminate all sizes of debris. This could mean dust, leaves plastic, plastic materials dirt, pollen, algae, and bugs. Every manufacturer can guarantee by testing the amount of debris that could be cleared by their machine on a percentage scale. 

The percentage used as a guideline will provide you with an understanding of the efficiency of the cleaner. Additionally, you should keep in mind how much dirt that gets into your pool could be minimized by installing solar-powered pool covers. Covers for pools will not just keep dirt out of the pool but also help keep your pool’s water warm.


Other factors can be considered in the calculation, you might think about the weight and type of pool. There are not all solar pool cleaners that are built to be suitable for all types of pools (above-ground as well as the inground pool). 

So, it is important to confirm with the manufacturer whether the product is suitable for the type of pool. In addition, weight is also a factor. the lighter cleaner will always be more convenient to transport and store than one that is heavy.

Also, don’t forget that solar cells have to be cleaned once every once in a while. A lighter device can allow you to utilize your solar pool cleaners for solar panels more conveniently and easily.

Solar Pool Skimmer
Solar Pool Skimmer

Pros and Pros and Solar Powered Pool Cleaners

It’s clear as you look into the available products on the market for solar pool cleaning that they aren’t affordable. They were quite expensive. Although we believe they’re beneficial investments, we must be aware of the negatives as well as the positives of every product we endorse.

  • Free electricity. Solar energy is renewable. This means that it is derived from the endless solar energy source therefore it doesn’t require the addition of any electrical power source. This makes it the only energy source which is why it can run a solar-powered pool cleaning machine for many years, and not ever charge you an extra cent.
  • Green energy. Although free energy may be attractive but is that green element that is the most crucial. Our world is in turmoil the climate crisis is raging, and should we not make a change to our habits immediately, the world’s environment will be destroyed irreparably. Removing traditional carbon-based electricity and replacing it with renewable energy is the most effective method of protecting and preserving our planet.
  • Smart technology. Contrary to conventional pool cleaning which requires many hours of physically demanding manual work, and doesn’t seem to ever be finished – using the automatic sensors-intelligent cleaning system from solar-powered pool cleaning equipment could make it easier to save lots of time every day.
  • Cleaner pool. The mesh used to line the trays that catch water from automatic skimmers in pools is so fine (up 200 microns in fineness) that, unlike standard hand-held nets, you can ensure that the water is free of dust and pollen (great for those suffering from Hayfever!) and also leaves, twigs, and insects.
  • Sunlight depending. This applies to virtually every solar technology, and it shouldn’t come as a shock. If your solar-powered pool filter doesn’t get sufficient sunlight on a regular, or if you reside within an area that is usually overcast or overcast, the system is unlikely to work effectively, if it even functions it functions at any point at all. Make sure that your solar panel is free of any debris, and then manually bring it into the sun throughout the day (to cleanse overnight) If you’re finding that it’s not receiving enough light when it’s in the pool.
  • Expensive. We’ve mentioned this before and solar pool cleaners aren’t affordable. While they’ll be able to pay for themselves many times over the long term (given that they do not put extra demands on your electricity bills and can save you from the expense of hiring a professional to wash your pool) They’re an investment that is quite substantial in the beginning. It’s no wonder that this takes a lot of people out of their market.
  • Questionable durability. This is certainly not the case for every product that we have listed, however, it’s always worth reading the reviews of customers since we’ve discovered that at the very least, one skimmer experienced issues with the tray degrading and rusting with time.

Solar Pool Skimmer
Solar Powered Pool Cleaners


Skimmers for solar pools let you keep your swimming pool spotless using renewable energy that comes from the sun.

Typically solar pool skimmers function by removing debris from the pool’s surface before it sinks into the pool’s bottom. Many of the higher-end models come with additional features which allow you to think about a solar-powered pool skimmer that can filter and balance your water’s chemical content.

No! Thankfully solar pool skimmers can do all the work for themselves and save you the time hand-skimming would have required. The majority of pool skimmers come with radar sensors that allow them to cover across the width and length of your pool in a controlled manner and certain models are built to intelligently search for the most bright parts of the pool to charge. If you do wish to control your skimmer, it is important to select one that comes with an app or physical remote control.

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