Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Various solar panel cleaning tools go into achieving the best solar panel cleaning equipment, from solar panel cleaning brushes with extension poles & squeegees to cleaning solutions, water pumps, and water deionizers/softeners. Although combining all these tools together in one kit for solar panel maintenance isn’t common, however, you can make the very best of each and design your own custom solar panel cleaning kit.

Best Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment at a Glance

A quality solar panel cleaning brush ought to be among the softest you could find. Should you clean solar panels with a tough brush, the force from the abrasive can scratch the surface of the panel and harm it.

Apart from bristles with soft bristles An perfect solar panel brush must include an extension pole that lets you clean your solar panel with care from the ground. It should also have a squeegee that can be used to clean off any excess water following the final wash. The most effective Solar panel cleaner brushes might also feature a design that lets water flow through the head of the brush and allows you to spray the panels quickly and clean them easily after cleaning.

Water is, in general, the most effective fluid to clean the modules of the solar array. However, if the grime and dust are extremely tough rainwater on its own isn’t enough. It is possible that you will require an effective cleaning product since normal soaps and detergents are likely to ruin or delaminate the panel. Clean solar panel solutions are made without harsh chemicals, which means you do not have to be concerned about damaging the solar panel when cleaning it.

A water pump comes in handy when trying to draw soft water from the natural environment – like rainwater from the form of a basin. When cleaning solar panels, do not use hard water since it may cause mineral deposits to form on the glass panel’s surface. When these deposits dry out, the maximum performance of the solar panel can decrease by 30 percent. In general, a small-sized pump is sufficient. It is not necessary to have a strong water pressure because the primary cleaning is affected by the scrubber’s scratching.

Instead of water pumps it is possible to purchase a water softener or deionizer. This can help transform the hard water into deionized water, meaning you don’t need to worry about mineral deposits.

Top List Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Window Solar Panel Cleaning Kit, 40 FT Water Fed Pole Kit, 12m Length Window Washing Cleaner Equipment, Outdoor Window Glass Water Brush Cleaner Tool
Solar Panel Cleaning Brush, 26 FT Adjustable Water Fed Pole Cleaning Kit, Solar Panel Cleaning Pole and Outdoor Window Washing Equipment
CLEANTITE Solar Panel Cleaner Solar Sheen (Makes 512 Gallons) - Super Concentrated Glass & Solar Panel Cleaning, Remove Oils, Fingerprints & Water Spots (1 Gallon)
EQUIPMAXX 30 Feet Reach Solar Panel Cleaning Brush & Pole Water Fed Pole Kit, Window Cleaner Window Glass Solar Panel Cleaning System Washing Equipment Tool Solution Scrubber Brush & Hose Spray Washer

Solar Panel Cleaning Products and Tools Review

EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Scrub Brush

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment
EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Scrub Brush
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  • Color: Blue, Black
  • No-scratch soft bristles with protective rubber bumper
  • Has a 20ft reach from standing
  • Multi-purpose for incredible value
  • Brush only, no water/hose-compatibility

Its EVERSPROUT scrub brush can be described as a basic Telescoping pole that has a detachable scrubber on the other end. The head is made of rubber and it isn’t hard, meaning it won’t scratch your solar panels in usage. The EVERSPROUT comes with an inbuilt squeegee end for efficiently cleaning glass surfaces after they’ve been cleaned (though take note that the brush has no water compatibility to wash).

The handle can be extended as long as 12 feet with an approximate 20-foot reach when it is used in an upright place. The EVERSPROUT is also covered by a one-year guarantee. The scrubber is multi-functional and has a basic style. We have awarded it our top in the category ‘Brush-Only.

EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Scrub Brush – Pros & Cons

  • Soft bristles that are non-scratch with a rubber head
  • 20-foot extension at full extension
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It weighs just 1.5lbs
  • The flip tab lock for the Telescoping poles makes sure it’s secured at full extension.
  • Pole can bend when it is more extended lengths
  • Do not permit the water source to be connected
  • The components are mostly static and unadjustable.

EQUIPMAXX Water Fed Pole Kit

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment
EQUIPMAXX Water Fed Pole Kit
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  • Brand: EQUIPMAXX
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green
  • Extends from 6.5-20 feet
  • Made from aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum (5.12lbs total)
  • Foam grip handle for comfort
  • Hose length from base 17 feet / 1/4″ brass connector valve
  • Included brass coupling makes it easy to connect to the garden hose or outdoor faucet

This brush set-up is extremely sleek and effective. It lets the user join the pole and a garden water hose so that water is sprayed through the head of the brush to cleanse. The pole extends to 20 feet. However, even without an extension, it’s still 6.5 feet in length. The hose included is 17 feet long at the bottom of the pole. This gives excellent maneuverability.

The material that the included hose is made of is much lighter than a typical garden hose, making it possible to have the greatest flexibility. The bristles of the EQUIPMAXX can be in the middle, however, they are still highly efficient. Overall, the model is extremely well-made and extremely durable. We have awarded it our “Best Deluxe” category winner.

EQUIPMAXX Water Fed Pole Kit – Pros & Cons

  • It extends to 20 feet in length.
  • Does the water hose have compatibility
  • Hose attachment included that’s 17 feet long and allows for simple manoeuvring
  • It comes with all the components needed
  • Design that is sturdy and elegant
  • Lightweight
  • Manufacturer offers lifetime guarantee
  • Does not include the squeegee
  • Additional adapters could be needed to connect hoses
  • In accordance with the water pressure, a hose clamp might be necessary
  • If cleaning solutions are used then a tank should be used since the pole will not permit cleaners to be used directly

Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment
Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush
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  • Brand: Camco
  • Color: Blue, White
  • The telescoping handle ranges from 47-74 inches
  • The versatile brush features a 10-inch wide wash head
  • Flow-through handle includes built-in on/off switch for water regulation
  • White bristles help lift dirt, and gray bristles help brush it away
  • The wash head won’t swivel while in use

Camco 41960 brush is the basic brush that has an aluminum handle with an adjustable button that controls the flow of water within the handle. It is made to clean vehicles, boats RVs, vehicles, as well as other objects, however, it can be used to clean solar panels. The aluminum handle is durable and can be telescopically extended to reach farther or closer according to the task.

The brush measures 10 inches wide and features soft and firm bristles that are ideal for scraping dirt that has been caked and sweeping it off. The short range of the brush renders it inaccessible for rooftop-mounted solar panels on the roof. The attractive price, however, was the reason it was our “Best Budget” category winner.

Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush – Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable handle length
  • Broad brush head that can be used for a variety of application
  • Simple on/off switch to regulate flow of water
  • Different bristles that have different stiffness
  • Wash head isn’t able to rotate when it is in use
  • It’s not made specifically for the purpose of cleaning solar panels
  • Telescoping handles can only be extended up to 74 inches long (about 6 feet)
  • Does not include water tank and the hose

One-Shot Solar Panel Cleaner Concentrate

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment
One-Shot Solar Panel Cleaner Concentrate
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About the Product

The next item in our analysis of tools for cleaning solar panels is the solar panel cleaner concentrate. The One-Shot solar panel cleaner Concentrate is the solar panel cleaner that is renowned for its no-streak effect as well as its non-harmful chemical content and ecologically friendly.

Its Concentrate for Solar Panel Cleaner Concentrate is a formula that does not contain ammonia, fumes, and acids. Therefore, when applied to solar panel panels, the likelihood of corrosion, delamination, or damage is nearly non-existent.

Our Review

In addition to being safe for solar panels, the absence of fumes, ammonia acid, VOCs, and ammonia in the solar panel cleaning solution is also beneficial to the environment. Every one of these chemicals can harm the environment in a variety of ways. Additionally, the absence of acid, ammonia, VOCs, and other chemicals allows you to cleanse yourself – these compounds could be detrimental to your wellbeing.

In addition to the environmentally friendly and safe, it provides the added benefit of being non-smear and streak-free. Furthermore, you can clean it up in one go. The features will guarantee that the cleaning process is simple and also ensure that cleaning will not affect the performance of your solar panels.

For cleaning difficult dirt or bird droppings The cleaner concentrate for the panel breaks down surface tension. This results in the panel being covered with floating debris or bird droppings which can be removed by a thorough scrub.

Because you will only require about 4 8 ounces of this concentrate in order to create a 1-gallon cleaning product, it could create as much as a 32-gallon cleaning solution using this product. This is a great deal of cost-effectiveness.
Naturally, One Shot certainly is an excellent product. However, you might not like the scent.

One-Shot Solar Panel Cleaner Concentrate – Pros & Cons

  • One Shot One Shot is formulated to not leave any streaks or watermarks after washing.
  • The majority of the chemicals that are in the formulation do not pose a risk to human health or the environment in the levels that they are utilized.
  • There is the possibility of getting approximately 32-32 gallons cleaner by diluting the entire bottle. This is why it’s cost-effective.
  • All it takes to clean with this solution is one step, making it easy to use.
  • The scent may not be pleasant.

Superior Pump HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment
Superior Pump HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump
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About the Product

Superior Pump Superior Pump found its way to the top-of-the-line solar panel cleaners because of its superior lift and impressive flow rate. Beyond that, this pump is extremely robust and adaptable.

Our Review

Its Superior Pump 91330 1/3HP can deliver up to 2400 gallons/hour. It is unlikely that you will need to use 2400 gallons when you are cleaning those solar panels. The efficiency of this item is sufficient for your needs.
Be aware that the flow rate is reduced when you must pump water up to high elevations. For one, when you pump through 10 feet of height it is 1680 gallons per hour. However, it’s still enough to cleanse your solar panels.

When you use the Superior Pump you can get an elevation of as high as 25 feet. This means that even if your water source is located in an area far away from your roof you’ll receive water to the solar panels.
Because the body is constructed from thermoplastic, you do not need to be concerned about it being damaged or corroding. Additionally, thermoplastic provides adequate protection against heat and humidity, which adds an extra layer of overall performance that the pump.

The pump provides a range of possibilities for discharge hooks. It’s also quite light. Therefore, it can be carried around. However, the service to customers isn’t very good.

Superior Pump HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump – Pros & Cons

  • With an average flow rate of 1000 gallons per hour, at approximately 10 feet, you’ll be able to supply water to the dirty solar panels on your roof.
  • With a maximum height that is 25 feet high, it’s ideal for taller homes.
  • The thermoplastic material of the body signifies that the pump is invulnerable to heat and corrosion.
  • Service to customers could be improved.

WaterSentinel Inline Deionized Water Garden Hose

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment
WaterSentinel Inline Deionized Water Garden Hose
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About the Product

The final item in our list of tools for cleaning solar panels is a hose inline. The WaterSentinel garden hose is a safe way to get rid of hardness in the water prior to taking care of solar panel cleaning. It’s the tube that is inserted between your garden hose as well as the nozzle.

The WaterSentinel SF-20W Inline Hose includes a flex extension and tube. The tube has DI media that dissolves minerals from hard water. On the other side, the flex extension joins this tube with the nozzle on the garden hose.

Our Review

Apart from deionizing, the tubing is also able to filter the water that passes through it. It has an additional sediment bag at the outlet and inlet that helps remove elements such as sand, chlorine, dust, rust, and slits, from the water.

Overall the quality of the water that flows from the WaterSentinel Inline Hose SF-20W is very high-end.

To connect the deionized water garden hose, connect the inlet from the tube to the garden hose’s outlet. Attach an outlet of your tube with the inlet side of the flexible extension. And lastly, you should attach an outlet on the extension to the open end of the nozzle.
In addition to offering a dual-way purification of water, it’s quite robust. It’s also simple to use, far more than complex massive deionization equipment. But, there is a drawback it can only be employed for a certain amount of washes.

WaterSentinel Inline Deionized Water Garden Hose – Pros & Cons

  • The WaterSentinel SF-20W inline hose improves the quality of water through two methods the dissolution of ions that cause hardness and filtering. The high-quality of the water output is remarkable.
  • The device is simple to set up and isn’t as complex as other deionization systems.
  • It can be used with an air pressure washer.
  • It’s only suitable for a small amount in solar panel cleansing sessions.

Buying Guide for Solar Panel Cleaning Products

Solar Panel Cleaning Products
What to Look out for When Buying Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

What to Look Out for When Buying Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

Soft Brush With Long Poles

The solar panel’s surfaces are crucial to their operation and performance. If a particular part of the solar panel is damaged and the solar cell within that region may not get the amount of sunlight it typically gets. In turn, the overall effectiveness and functionality of the panel will decrease. Naturally when the damage is spread across more areas and the panel’s efficiency decreases further.

To avoid causing damage or delamination to solar panels during cleaning It is vital to select the right brush with bristles that are soft. These brushes provide an abrasive power that is sufficient to scrape hard dirt away without damaging the surface of the panel.

In addition to selecting a soft-bristled, soft-bristled brush make sure that you purchase one with an extended pole. If the Solar cleaning poles are lengthy it is safe to clean at ground level or lower elevations.

Non-Toxic Solar Panel Cleaning Supplies

The best cleaning liquid for the solar panel would be water. Sometimes, however, you’ll require something else to clean tough staining. This should not be the standard soap or detergent.

If you wash solar panels with normal detergents and soaps, they will leave streaks of dirt on the panels’ surface. The streaks left behind will in turn hinder the flow of light to the cells. In turn the power of solar radiation from the panel will decrease.

Instead of using regular cleaning products, choose solar panel cleaners. Make sure the product you select has no harmful chemicals. It should be free from VOCs and harsh chemicals and other harmful substances. These harmful chemicals pose a threat not just for the PV panel, but your personal health too.

High-Capacity Water Pumps

Their flow rate as well as their maximum lift are the most important characteristics of water-powered pumps. Therefore, if you’re buying a water-based pump to extract water from sources with soft water, make sure you check the speed of flow and lift.

The flow rate should be sufficient to satisfy the water requirements throughout the period of cleaning. The lift of the pump should be at or above the height at which the solar panel has been placed. It is recommended that the lift and flow rate of the pump meet your expectations.

Water Softeners

If you are unable to find an outlet for soft water, you could consider the use of a softener or water deionizer. Be aware that if minerals that cause hardness remain on the solar panels’ surface they’ll leave streaks. Unfortunately, the streaks can decrease how much sunlight that gets into the cells of your solar panel.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Solar Panels?

  1. Begin by washing the solar panels in pure water to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated.
  2. Then, you can gently clean the panel’s surface with a soft-bristled, soft brush.
  3. If there are any stains are not able to remove by following the two steps above apply a well-diluted solar panel cleaning solution to your solar panel. Then, gently scrub with the brush until the surface is clean.
  4. Rinse the panel another time using pure water. After that, squeeze the panel until the water has been removed.

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Final Thoughts

Although you might not be able to locate a solar panel cleaner kit that includes all the tools you require, however, you can create your own. The top solar panel cleaning tools are typically characterized by soft brushes that have poles that can be extended and squeegees. They can also contain non-caustic cleaners and water softeners, as well as water pumps. Choose the top of each of these tools, and you’ll be excellent!

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