Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Lights

It’s not easy to put up the best holiday lights display in your neighborhood. Even more difficult is the holiday season electricity bill that you will have to pay after all those Christmas string lights are up.

Solar-powered Christmas lights can be the perfect solution to make sure you have the most beautiful decorations, while not racking up your electric bill.

How do solar Christmas lights work?

Solar Christmas lights operate similarly to conventional Christmas lighting, only without extension cords and no emissions from fossil fuels.

Instead of being connected to an outlet Solar strings of lights can be completely powered by solar energy. The Christmas lights powered by solar energy will come with an insignificant solar panel as well as rechargeable batteries. The panel captures solar energy that powers the battery. In the evening, the lights draw energy from the battery to light up.

A lot of the best solar Christmas lights have sensors that allow them to automatically switch on after the sun goes down. Some, however, require it to be turned on manually by a switch close to the battery. There are solar-powered lighting fixtures that function in the same manner!

Best Solar Christmas Lights

We have compiled a list of the best solar Christmas lights that will brighten your holiday season without breaking the bank.

Huacenmy Solar Christmas Lights

Huacenmy is the last entry in our list. Their unique and eye-catching design makes them stand out from all the rest. The Heavenly lights come in 50-packs and have 21-foot strings.

They can also be used to power solar panels and are weather-resistant. This makes them an environmentally friendly, durable and decorative choice for the holiday season.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

They also come with 8 different lighting modes so that you have many options to create the right atmosphere in your home. These lights may be too small for some people. Despite this, most customers are happy with their purchase.


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These best solar Christmas lights can be purchased with confidence.

Huacenmy Solar Christmas Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Strawberry-shaped design
  • Solar Powered
  • Water-resistant
  • 8 interchangeable modes
  • Can be a bit too small for some people

Joomer 2-Pack Solar Christmas Lights

Joomer’s Solar Christmas Lights are our top choice for the best solar Christmas lights in 2022. Each strand includes 200 lights and has received excellent customer reviews.

Joomer has a variety of colors available: multicolor, blue, green, and purple. You can also mix and match your Joomer lights with one strand each of warm white and multicolor lights.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

You can also choose from 8 different styles to create the Christmas decorations you desire. This pack includes two 200-lumen LED lights as well as two IP65 waterproof solar panels.


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Joomer 2-Pack Solar Christmas Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Many colors to choose from
  • 72ft string
  • Not the most reliable LEDs
  • The on/off switch doesn’t work 
  • May change between modes by itself

Inngree Solar Christmas String Lights

Solar Christmas Lights
Inngree Solar Christmas String Lights
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These snowflake lights can bring the winter wonderland indoors. You have the option to choose from winter white, warm, or multicolor lights, as well as switch between automatic and always-on modes.

The battery that they received was strong, but the solar panel seems to be the weakest link. It takes at least 12 hours for the LED snowflake lights in direct sunlight to turn on for 4 hours.

Inngree Solar Christmas String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Shaped like snowflakes
  • 8 different modes
  • Much smaller than they appear in ads
  • String too brittle for winter weather
  • Low-efficiency solar panel

GIGALUMI Solar Christmas Lights

Gigalumi’s Solar Christmas Lights stand out thanks to their aesthetically pleasing, floral design. The Gigalumi lights come in packs of two x 50 LED bulbs. They have 23-foot-long strings.

The solar panels that come with the lights will not need to be powered by an electric outlet. You will be able to save money on your monthly electric bill. These lights are also durable and versatile thanks to their IP65 protection rating and the 2 interchangeable modes.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

The company also offers a replacement window of 30 days, with no questions asked. They do not offer a warranty. These lights have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.


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GIGALUMI Solar Christmas Lights- Pros & Cons

  • Unique flower design
  • High-efficiency solar panel
  • IP65 protection rating
  • 30-day replacement window
  • No warranty but a 30-day replacement window
  • Not the best battery life

JMEXSUSS 2-Pack Solar String Lights

Our runner-up choice for solar Christmas lights is the JMEXSUSS solar string lights. These lights have excellent customer reviews and are a great value for money.

Joomer’s user reviews seem to be sagging. Many users have reported that their lights stop working after a few use, even though they were charged in direct sunlight. Some customers reported that the lights did not work out of the box for them. However, the product still has a lot of positive reviews.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

JMEXSUSS offers string lights in eight colors: green, multicolor orange, red, purple, warm white, and led white.

You also have the option to choose from eight lighting modes that range from slow fade to twinkling lights. No matter what style you prefer, there’s a JMEXSUSS holiday light for you.


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Two sets of energy-efficient, 100-string LED light bulbs are included in each pack. You can cover great distances with each string, which is 42.7 feet long.

The lights come with a mini-solar panel, which is waterproof and must be exposed to direct sunlight. The lights will last 8 hours at night if they are fully charged in direct sunlight for 8-12 hours.

Dephen Solar String Lights Moroccan Ball

These solar LED lights look like mini disco balls and cast colorful patterns around them.

They come with remote control, but I was unable to test them for more than two weeks before they died.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

Maybe I was duped, but I chose a stronger option because outdoor solar lights that eventually become trash after one holiday season are not my idea of sustainability.


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Dephen Solar String Lights Moroccan Ball – Pros & Cons

  • Disco ball shape
  • Poor quality control
  • May switch between modes “at will”
  • Rust appears after one week 
  • Wires snap easily 

Vmanoo Tube Meteor Shower Rain Lights

These icicle lights, powered, melt in the sun like normal icicles. Vmanoo’s tube icicle light is the only one that can be powered by solar energy.

They have rated 4.1 stars with nearly 2,000 Amazon reviews. They look great and come at a fair price, making them our top choice for solar-powered lights.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

There are many colors available for these icicle tube lights: warm white, cool, green, red, and multicolor. These solar-powered lights come in a red, blue, and white style so they can be used all year. Each strand includes 8 LED tube lights as well as one solar panel. The panel must be in direct sunlight.

Vmanoo Tube Lights have 8 tubes per strand and span a length of 23.6 feet. The lights will stay on for between 6-8 hours if they are charged. They come with a 12-month warranty.


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To complete your winter light display, Vmanoo Tube Lights create the illusion of a dripping icicle.

Vmanoo Tube Meteor Shower Rain Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Thrilling cascade light
  • Easy to mount
  • Not rainproof as advertised
  • No charging indicator
  • Uses AA batteries
  • The seller doesn’t respond

WOWLUX LED Solar Crystal Ball Lights

WOWLUX’s LED crystal ball lights are a great way for holiday lighting to be more festive.

Because of their classic globe shape and vibrant colors, these lights earned the title of “best statement solar-powered light”. These lights have a distinctive look that evokes the vintage feel of an incandescent bulb, but with a solar twist.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

There are two options: warm white or multicolor strands. Each strand contains 50 LED bulbs. You can choose from eight different operating modes to achieve the best effect in your home.


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The solar-powered globe lights come with one solar panel that charges the bulbs. As long as the solar panel remains in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours, each string will run continuously for 8-10 hours.

The WOWLUX solar globe lights measure approximately 22.3 feet long and can be easily wrapped around trees.

Video - WOWLUX LED Solar Crystal Ball Lights

JMEXSUSS 100 LED Solar String Lights

These Christmas lights look like small drops on a string and can be used for small decorations or even as table decorations.

However, the manufacturer claims that 8 hours of illumination can be achieved even if the panel is exposed to direct sunlight for a whole day.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

These lights are small and fragile. Make sure you untie the lights carefully if they get caught on the Christmas tree.


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JMEXSUSS 100 LED Solar String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • 8 lighting modes
  • Multiple color options
  • Only IP40 waterproof rating 
  • Get entangled easily
  • Poor performance 
  • Switch and mode buttons don’t always respond 

Brighttown Solar Outdoor String Lights

For modern, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting, fairy string lights are a new favorite.

Brighttown also offers a solar-powered version. They have excellent reviews. They can outperform other solar-powered fairy lights due to their positive reviews.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

You can choose from a range of colors including warm white, green, multicolor pink, pure white, or purple. Each string is composed of 33 feet of copper wire and 100 LED lights.

Brighttown’s solar fairy lights are great for creating a subtle Christmas display. They are also popular for decorating small spaces like apartment balconies.


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Video - Brighttown Solar Outdoor String Lights

Lemontec Solar String Lights

These water-drop holiday lights are great for anyone looking to create a festive display.

Multicolor mode is my favorite. You can choose a warm or cool white. These lights can be used to create romantic ambient lighting.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

The string is only 20ft in length and should be treated with care. These solar Christmas lights are only effective at a certain level of darkness.


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Lemontec Solar String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof IP65 rating 
  • Multicolor lights 
  • Only work in dark
  • Might need an extension cord
  • Fragile string

Semilits Solar String Lights

Solar Christmas Lights
Semilits Solar String Lights
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These LED honeybees are quieter than their buzzing counterparts and can be found working at night. These solar holiday lights can be used outdoors in flower beds or even in your greenhouse.

These lights are much less durable than regular Christmas LEDs. They look just like other fairy lights from afar, which was another disappointment.

Video - Semilits Solar String Lights

Semilits Solar String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Lights shaped like bees
  • Thin cord (easy to conceal)
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Work 3-4hrs fully charged
  • Thin cord (easy to snap)

Windpnn Solar String Lights

Solar Christmas Lights
Windpnn Solar String Lights
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Star string lights are the best choice for anyone looking for something different. These LED lights can be used to decorate trees, shrubs, and even tufts.

No matter how long I charge my batteries, my star lights quickly fade after just a few hours. Perhaps a stronger rechargeable battery would solve the problem.

Also, I discovered that wires can be removed fairly easily so it is worth fixing before you use these lights outdoors.

You can also buy a better product.

Windpnn Solar String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Star-shaped
  • Fade after a couple of hours
  • Wires come out 
  • Smaller than advertised 
  • Stars tangle up easily

SOCO Solar Rope String Lights

This Christmas light kit is more durable than other “exposed” models in the same price range because it uses flexible transparent tubing. There is no risk of the light kit getting entangled or snapped.

These lights are not durable and have poor-quality LED bulbs.

Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights work well after 2 Christmas seasons but they are so inconsistent I had to get rid of them in favor of a product that is reliable all the time.

It could be heat buildup.


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Video - SOCO Solar Rope String Lights

SOCO Solar Rope String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof rating
  • Limited use due to encasing tube
  • No on/off indicator
  • Unreliable operation
  • Only a 30-day warranty 

SOCO Solar Globe String Lights

Solar Christmas Lights
SOCO Solar Globe String Lights
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These round solar holiday lights made of crystal balls are stunningly romantic and perfect for any occasion. These lights can be strung up to create a cozy space in your backyard or for romantic dinners.

These are great ideas. However, I have yet see the lights last more than an hour. You can either hope the romantic dinner lasts for too long or plug them in to a DC inverter.

Video - SOCO Solar Globe String Lights

SOCO Solar Globe String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Shaped like crystal balls
  • Very short-lasting illumination
  • Unreliable cord
  • Bulbs too heavy for the string
  • The seller doesn’t respond 

Unique Gadgets & Toys Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Lights
Unique Gadgets & Toys Solar Powered Christmas Lights
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With novelty pathway lights, give your paths a festive look. Unique Gadgets & Toys’ set features a light-up Christmas tree design. Each light is attached to a metal stake that can be used to mount it in your garden. You don’t have to attach separate pieces of the solar panel because it is already integrated into the stake.

Each LED light can rotate through seven different colors: blue, white, red, orange green, purple and green. After charging for a day, the lights will automatically turn on at night to brighten up Christmas displays. Each charge can last up to eight hours. These stake lights don’t require any outlets and can be easily set up along pathways, flower beds, or other areas in your yard.

Unique Gadgets & Toys Solar Powered Christmas Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Seven rotating colors
  • Sturdy metal stake
  • Integrated solar panel makes setup easy
  • Does not have a solid color mode
  • Could get pricey to line a long path

Brightech Ambience Solar Powered String Lights

Solar Christmas Lights
Brightech Ambience Solar Powered String Lights
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You are looking for beautiful solar lighting all year? These vintage Edison lights by Brightech are a great choice. These lights measure 48 feet in length and are great for adding mood lighting to a gazebo, patio, or pergola. This strand has 15 large Edison bulbs that have a homey and charming appearance. They are ideal for creating romantic atmospheres due to their warm-white color. They are weatherproof and shatterproof. They can withstand winds of up to 50 mph, so they will not be damaged by severe weather.

These lights can be used for everyday lighting or Christmas lighting as they don’t have a seasonal look. They will last for 5-6 hours after being charged.

Brightech Ambience Solar Powered String Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Shatterproof and weather-resistant construction
  • Large bulbs provide brighter lighting
  • Edison-style bulbs give a vintage look
  • The 3-foot spacing between lights may be too far apart

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Christmas Lights


A variety of Christmas lights are made from plastic. If you’re looking for lights to last just one season you can do that however, if you want something that will last, you should look for an item that features solar panels that are protected by glass that has been tempered. They’re guaranteed to last longer, especially if they install them outdoors.

Replaceable Lights

Even the most efficient solar Christmas lights come with some service life, which is why you need to choose a model that allows you to replace each bulb easily. If you purchase a lighting kit that isn’t able to do to replace the bulbs, you’ll need to search for an additional one every season.

Sunlight Requirements

Most solar LED lights need 8 hours of sunshine per day to function properly even after darkness. Some can recharge and store sufficient solar energy even in the midst of cloudy. You should know how much sun your backyard is exposed to on a normal day prior to choosing solar-powered Christmas lights.


It is something you can easily check in your web browser. Knowing the price will allow you to avoid items that don’t fit your budget. There are more expensive and affordable alternatives However, when you are evaluating the price, it is important to take into account other aspects like warranty and kind of battery, user reviews, etc.


A longer warranty doesn’t only indicate that you’re purchasing a high-quality product, but also provides your peace of mind knowing that you’re protected in the event that something occurs. When you compare warranties, it is important to know that money back is just one factor, and an exchange warranty is the alternative.


It is a crucial aspect to consider, particularly for those who plan to put the Christmas lights outdoors. Light kits that have IP65 protection must be capable of handling snow, dust and heavy rain. However, be sure to go through product reviews, since the manufacturer’s advertisements are not always authentic regarding the waterproofing.

Easy Installation

Make sure that the traditional Christmas lights you purchase include a installation guide. Choose lights that are easy to set up and stay clear of lights that can get stuck easily. Certain lights come with flexible copper cables that allow the user to create various designs.

Quality and Performance

The best solar LED lights are energy efficient and consume less energy and after charging, they will last at minimum 8 hours. You also want an item that’s going last for a few festive seasons at a minimum. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to manage electronic waste each time you take them off.

Solar Panel Type

Apart from selecting an option with a solar panel that is secured by glass that is tempered, you have be aware of the kind of solar panel too. From polycrystalline solar panels to Amorphous Silicon, monocrystalline panels or concentrated PV solar cells you need to keep in the mind that monocrystalline PV and concentrated PV offer the highest performance and have a longer lifespan.

Automated Setting

The majority of solar-powered lights come with the ability to detect daylight for automated switch-on and off modes. However, a lot of them do not have a manual switch. Since these lights are equipped with multiple different modes of operation, try to find the ones that will remember your previous setting, so that you won’t need to change them each time.

The time for charging and battery life

Another aspect to think about is the time it takes to charge the lights under direct sunlight. In the majority of cases you can leave the light on outdoors all day long is sufficient for any string of lights. However, studies show that in actual use, there are a few products that do not match the claims of the manufacturers.

String Length & Number Of Lights

The ability to have a longer string is an excellent thing but you have take into consideration the size and placement of the bulbs. A majority of string lights are sold in only one string configuration however some come with multiple strings, which allows you to create an “cascade result”.


Some lights come with an automatic on/off options, other lights come with advanced settings such as fade or chase as well as any of the other. If you are planning to put these lights to a surface that is difficult to reach, consider ones with a remote.

Types Of Solar Christmas Lights

Decorative Globes

These bulbs are great for those who prefer larger bulbs that can have a big impression. The shape is similar to crystal balls. these globes are usually sold with a variety of colors and as many as 8 different lighting options.

Solar Christmas Lights


Strands Of Mini Lights

For a lot of people, it is a favorite choice due to its compatibility for both indoors and outdoors. The strings are available in lengths of 30-72 feet and typically can be outfitted with 100-200 LEDs that can be programmed to shine or flash.

Solar Christmas Lights


Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are placed in plastic tubes that hang free that turn on and off according to an arranged setting to appear like an enchanting meteor shower. It is possible to switch between a variety of speeds, based on the mood you wish to convey.

Solar Christmas Lights


Waterdrop Lights

The bulbs are that are designed so that they look similar to frozen droplets of water. They can be hung on your Christmas tree, but they look better under tree canopy. While they’re offered in a variety of colors These bulbs look better when they are winter white.

Solar Christmas Lights


Snowflake Solar Lights

A lot of people cannot imagine the Christmas tree without snowflake decorations. These lights can be cut down to 20-30 LED bulbs in the shape of snowflakes. They can be white in winter or a multi-colored variations.



Solar Rope Lights

These strings are equipped with tiny lights that appear right in line with the string, which allows you to wrap them tightly into the shape of a ball. They give off warm white light that is ideal to use for “warming-up” your porch or the front door.

Solar Christmas Lights


Solar Christmas Lights – Pros & Cons

  • Electric bill savings
  • No outlets required
  • No cords
  • Eco-friendly 
  • High upfront cost
  • Reliant on sunlight


  • Lights from the solar holiday are a fantastic way to have a great time this season, without running up energy bills.
  • Lights for Christmas that are solar powered are run by batteries which is entirely charged via a miniature solar panel.
  • Solar-powered Christmas lights make setting up the perfect holiday display simple since there’s no need to fret about extensions cables or outlet.
  • While solar Christmas lights costs more expensive than regular string light, they do not require electricity from your power provider so they won’t add to your electric bill.
  • The main drawback with the solar-powered Christmas light is, if it’s cloudy they won’t go off at night. They require sunshine to recharge their batteries and then turn on.
Solar Christmas Lights
Solar Christmas Lights


The solar Christmas light bulbs are beneficial to the planet. They can reduce your carbon footprint, without hindering your holiday display. LED bulbs also consume less energy, generate lower temperatures, and will charge faster and last longer the traditional incandescent lights.

Solar lights typically last between one and two an year before you must upgrade the batteries in the solar light’s panels. This is equivalent to 300-600 per day of continuous charge. The amount of time the solar lights will last will depend on the battery you are using to power your solar garden lights.

Can you use solar lighting during winter? Answer: yes. In winter, it is harder to get sunlight which can impact the way solar light sources function.

Most solar lights require between four and twelve hours of sunshine to full recharge.” Certain solar lights may work in a less bright light environment during the rainy, colder winter days, however, generally speaking, they are best suited to more warm conditions.

For the best results, you must switch off the solar lights at evening. Once everyone has gone to sleep, there’s no need to leave the lights on for any longer. In this way, you’ll prolong the battery’s life and keep some of the day’s charge to charge the next day.

Yes our solar lights will charge even on days that are cloudy. Even when it is cloudy the solar panels will continue to charge the batteries. On an entire charge, this system will run over at minimum three consecutive days with no sunlight.

Here are some suggestions should your lights cease not working:

  • Change batteries If the lights aren’t functioning and the batteries aren’t working, they could be in the middle. Test them with normal batteries to determine whether the problem is there.
  • Panel positioning – Ensure that the solar panels you have installed are set properly to get enough sunlight.
  • Cleansing the Panel Clean solar panels will not provide your lights with the energy they require. Check up on them on a regular basis and clean them whenever you need to.
  • charge up – You might require your panels to charge for a longer time frame if the conditions have been extremely bad.

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