Solar Pool Rings
Solar Pool Rings

The Best Solar Pool Rings

Are you looking for a wonderful way to heat your pools without spending a fortune? The finest pool solar rings for ground swimming pools, on the other hand, may make a significant impact on your swimming experience. These top solar rings for pools and devices are useful for heating swimming pools without the use of electricity or gas. These best pool solar rings are low-cost options on which you can rely.

It’s great news that you can now save money on your power bills and pool upkeep while also helping to save the environment. Because these goods run on solar power, you can also help encourage a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

This essay will help you understand the important features, benefits, and drawbacks of solar pool rings. We’ve included a selection of the best-selling alternatives on the market right now. Indeed, we have included a comprehensive buyer’s guide below. So go ahead and check them out!

How Do Solar Pool Rings Function?

Solar pool heater rings are particularly intended to keep pool water heated in cold and other adverse weather situations. Such devices may trap solar heat between their two layers, which are made of UV-resistant vinyl material.

The top layer will guide sunlight to the blue lower layer, which will retain up to 50% of the sun’s energy and convert it to heat. Between the two vinyl layers, a portion of the insulated air is also preserved. Meanwhile, the remainder sun’s heat gets transferred to the water.

This mechanism warms the pool water and prevents heat from dissipating from the water’s surface. In reality, these devices significantly increase the water temperature by 4 degrees while reducing evaporation.

Solar and pool heater covers are also an excellent way to protect swimming pool pumps. Best of all, they are cost-effective since the solar covers do not increase your power use. They perform admirably regardless of the weather conditions.

They may also be used to reheat the water the next day. Solar rings are equipped with up to six magnets that improve access and reduce the hardness of swimming pool water. These magnets allow for rafting and have water anchors to keep them from being overwhelmed.

As you can see, they are heavy-duty gadgets that can be easily distributed. They function flawlessly by absorbing heat and providing consumers with warm pool water even when it is not summer.

Solar Sun Rings UV Immune above Ground Inground Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Heating Accessory Circular Heater Solar Cover, Blue, 9 Pack
Sale Solar Sun Rings 60 Inch above Ground or Inground Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Heating Accessory Circular Heater Solar Cover, Blue (Cover Only)
Solar Sun Rings Octagon Sunburst (6 Pack)
Sale Solar Sun Rings UV Resistant above Ground Inground Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Heating Accessory Circular Heater Solar Cover, SSRA, Sunburst (3 Pack)

Are Solar Rings Worth It?

With so many heating choices available, are solar rings worth the investment? Let us consider the benefits and drawbacks:


  • One of the least expensive methods of keeping the pool heated
  • To save money, they can be purchased in bulk.
  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Solar-powered with no operating expenses
  • Heat retention is excellent.
  • Can keep backyard debris out of the pool and disrupt water chemistry.
  • It is simple to inflate and deflate for rapid deployment and storage.
  • Reduces pool evaporation and chemical loss.
  • Sunlight does not degrade the chlorine in the pool.
  • It is suitable for use with in-ground, semi-inground, and above-ground pools.


  • Long periods of sunlight exposure are required.
  • Slow for real water heating.
  • Depending on how much sunlight your pool receives
  • If you don’t like the lily pad aesthetic, this is an eyesore.
  • Some algae and debris may collect on their surfaces.
  • Because they are round in shape, they will not cover the full surface of the pool.
  • Multiple rings might be difficult to inflate and deflate.
  • Replacement is required every three years (on average)

Top 10 Best Pool Solar Rings (Reviews)

There are several varieties of rings, and you must examine their characteristics before determining which one is perfect for you. Our best options are mentioned below:

Solar Sun Rings SSR1 Swimming Pool Spa Heater

Solar Sun Rings SSR1 Swimming Pool Spa Heater
Solar Sun Rings SSR1 Swimming Pool Spa Heater
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  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Diameter: 5 ft
  • Efficiency: Provides 21,000 BTU/day

Do you want to purchase DIY solar pool rings capable of producing up to 21,000 BTU per day? Then this item is just what you’re looking for. You won’t have to worry about setting up this gadget because it comes with simple setup instructions for novices.

You may significantly reduce your power expenditures by using this solar blanket solar sun ring and spa warmer. This vinyl disc solar blanket is placed on the surface of the swimming pool and works by harnessing solar energy to keep the swimming pool temperature stable.

Furthermore, you may set and remove the hot tub’s heated disc in an instant. As a result, there is no need to seek expert assistance to do the task for you. If desired, the gadget may be switched over to reduce the water temperature. Magnets in the corners attract and secure other rings.

Furthermore, the more coverage you have, the better these devices will operate, so purchasing more of them is a smart idea. On the inner grid, there are grommets to allow for easy drainage of excess water.

This solar ring may cover nearly the whole swimming pool warm-up area. It is inflatable, and it may improve the overall appearance of your swimming pool warm-up. Isn’t it exciting to swim in a warm pool that is also visually appealing? You will undoubtedly like snapping selfies!

On the other side, the main issue we've had with this solar ring is that it occasionally blows out. It would be fantastic if the manufacturer considered addressing this issue.
Solar Sun Rings SSR1 Swimming Pool Spa Heater – Pros & Cons


  • Attractive appearance, simple directions, and simple setup and removal
  • Reduces electric bills
  • Magnets in the corners attract and connect additional rings.
  • If desired, it can be tossed over to cool the water.
  • It is now easy to drain excess water.
  • It produces 21,000 BTUs each day.


  • Occasionally blows out.
To summarize, solar rings for swimming pool heating devices, such as this one, are dependable for heating pools and equipment. We think they're great; the more coverage you have, the better the gadget works.

Solar Pool Heater (6) SSR-SB-02

Solar Pool Heater
Solar Pool Heater (6) SSR-SB-02
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  • Quantity: 6
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Diameter: 5 ft
  • Efficiency: Absorbs about 50% of the sunlight

This alternative is a terrific investment for purchasers looking for high-quality DIY solar rings for the pool. Even for beginners, it is not difficult to set up and use. We want long-lasting and cost-effective solutions, so it’s nice to know that this product can provide both.

The solar rings are held together using magnets and do not require any sophisticated assembly. You don’t need to hire a specialist to set up these gadgets; the procedure may be completed in minutes by yourself.

This solar ring may be customized to match any swimming pool form, whether round, rectangular, or oval. We’ve seen that these gadgets collect sunlight without fail; therefore, they successfully warm our pool water. We no longer end up impoverished as a result of paying exorbitant monthly power bills.

Six powerful solar sun rings pool top are included in the set. These are the optimum sizes for small or medium-sized swimming pools. The solar sun rings pool top is made of two efficient and strong layers of vinyl. These are extremely efficient at capturing sunlight and turning it into heat for the water. These solar top solar pool top solar sun rings pool top have enough electricity to cover over 80% of our pool area.

The disadvantage is that if your pool does not get enough sunlight, these devices will not be as efficient as a traditional electric or gas pool warmer.
Solar Pool Heater (6) SSR-SB-02 – Pros & Cons


  • A robust and cost-effective alternative
  • It is simple to set up and utilize.
  • Perfect for round, rectangular, and oval-shaped pools.
  • Work exceptionally well at absorbing sunlight.
  • A set of six for small and medium-sized pools.


  • Will not function properly unless there is lots of sunshine.
Overall, these solar pool pads are wise investments that pool owners will never regret. These units are amazing in that they heat the pool water faster than expected.

Solar Sun Rings 5′ Round Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating
Solar Sun Rings 5′ Round Solar Pool Heating
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  • Quantity: 3
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Diameter: 5 ft
  • Efficiency: Absorbs about 50% of the sunlight

If you like solar pool rings that can rapidly heat your pool, this is a good option. The solar pool rings work and is made of multiple layers of UV-resistant vinyl. The upper glass layer is intended to guide the sun’s rays onto solar pool rings and the blue layer beneath the solar pool rings the ring, which absorbs around 50% of the sunlight and converts it to heat.

This product is a must-try if you appreciate high-quality warming discs that keep your pool water warm at night. To improve your swimming experience, use additional insulation, such as a sun blanket or solar fish.

Fortunately, even novices can easily set up these machines. In terms of pricing, this item represents good value for money because the package already contains six magnets meant to hold the rings together. These solar rings are not like other choices, which are readily blown away.

You will have no trouble removing these items from the pool. In reality, the water easily comes out of the water-weight region with a few side shakes. These units will look nice in the pool while also being effective in heat retention and reducing evaporation.

On the downside, after a season, these solar rings can get rather dirty due to dust and moisture. Cleaning them is a bit of a bother. In any case, this is acceptable as long as these gadgets can keep our pool water warm and comfortable to swim in regardless of the weather.
Solar Sun Rings 5′ Round Solar Pool Heating – Pros & Cons


  • Allows consumers to swim more easily and enjoyably.
  • Can instantly warm the pool and keep it warm at night (when used with additional insulation).
  • Two layers of UV-resistant vinyl
  • Six magnets are included in the package to hold the rings together.
  • The installation process is simple.
  • Simple to remove


  • After a season, it becomes pretty filthy due to dust and moisture.
Overall, solar pool rings and heat retention rings are excellent investments. They work great for rapidly retaining heat, warming the least most solar pool rings, and reducing evaporation, and they aren't easily blown away.

Solar Sun Rings Water Anchor

Solar Sun Rings Water Anchor
Solar Sun Rings Water Anchor
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  • Quantity: 1-15*
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Diameter: 5 ft
  • Efficiency: Absorbs about 50% of the sunlight

If you want trustworthy solar-activated heating gadgets, these solar sun rings (10 packs) are excellent choices. Because their primary source of power is solar energy, they are cost-effective options that do not require the use of electricity. As a result, if you use them to heat your pools, the procedure does not have to be expensive.

Furthermore, these solar rings for inground pools have six strong magnets that link the solar rings to the pool top. Such devices have been tested and verified to heat swimming pools regardless of the present weather conditions. Even inexperienced users will have no trouble positioning and removing these gadgets.

More importantly, this swimming pool heating equipment is designed to be used continuously without the growth of mustard algae. These units are constructed with a polished vinyl top layer and a slightly frosted, 50%-density bottom layer.

Since we first introduced these solar rings for in-ground pools, they have done an excellent job of keeping the sun’s heat back in and capturing the sun’s radiation to keep our water warm regardless of the season. Pool owners who enjoy warm pool water should certainly consider purchasing one of these solar ring systems.

However, please keep in mind that these products should not be used as flotation devices. When filling these solar rings, make sure not to over-inflate them by following a lesson.
Solar Sun Rings Water Anchor – Pros & Cons


  • Because it is solar-powered, there is no need for electricity.
  • Magnets that are powerful and long-lasting
  • Regardless of the weather, it keeps the pool warm.
  • There is no algae growth.
  • Refined vinyl with a slightly frosted layer of 50% density
  • Ensures a simple placement and removal operation.


  • Use it as a floatation device only.
Finally, these pool solar discs are genuine. They never let us down when it comes to keeping our pool water warm, even after dark.

Solar Sun Rings SSR SSRA-100 Pool Water Heater

Solar Sun Rings SSR SSRA-100 Pool Water Heater
Solar Sun Rings SSR SSRA-100 Pool Water Heater
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  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Diameter: 5 ft
  • Efficiency: Absorbs about 50% of the sunlight

The purpose of this solar pool ring review is to enlighten clients about how useful and dependable this alternative is. As you can see, this product has a fantastic design that enhances the attractiveness of swimming pools. But, more importantly, it performs flawlessly at maintaining heat, especially at night.

As long as there are enough of these rings and drain holes in the pool’s surface above, the devices can effectively limit evaporation. More of these rings can also be used to cover the entire surface of the pool’s surface area. In terms of the overall construction, these devices are created with multiple layers that can withstand UV radiation. As a result, they are certain to endure for a long time.

In our situation, we purchased six of these solar rings since we believe that one solar ring is what is necessary to cover our complete pool. We noticed that our pool heated up rapidly after that. We no longer have to wait a long time for warm water. More of these devices in the pool can help with heat retention and accelerate the heating process.

Aside from that, these devices may function in cold temperatures. Even on colder days, our water remains at an excellent temperature for pool chemicals, and these devices are unaffected by salt or chlorine, making them acceptable for pool usage.

Please keep in mind, however, that these solar heating rings are not intended to be used as floating devices in swimming pools. Because of their small weight, they are readily swept away by high winds.
Solar Sun Rings SSR SSRA-100 Pool Water Heater – Pros & Cons


  • A visually appealing design
  • Does a great job of keeping heat rapidly, especially after dark.
  • These devices can cover the whole pool if there are enough rings.
  • Designed with two layers that can withstand UV rays.
  • Cold temperatures, salt, and chlorine have no effect on it.


  • They are so light that strong gusts can easily carry them away.
  • It should not be used as a floating device.
In a nutshell, this solar pool heating ring may considerably aid in heating the pool and preventing excessive heat evaporation. We had no trouble installing the solar pool ring with heaters and covers up on it either.

Solar Sun Rings Plain Circular Solar Cover

Solar Sun Rings Plain Circular Solar Cover
Solar Sun Rings Plain Circular Solar Cover
View on Amazon

This solar pool ring cover has a functional design. Water may seep through the solar pool rings, without sinking thanks to a revised inside grid with more drainage grommets. This solar pool ring covers option was chosen because of its dependability in keeping the pool water heated while remaining within our budget.

We’re pleased to report that since installing these solar rings in our pool, our power costs have significantly decreased. We are astounded by the way these gadgets warm and hold the heat in our pool. We appreciate their assistance in lowering our utility and energy costs.

Furthermore, these devices work by heating the pool’s surface with sunlight. The thermal blanket effect of solar pool covers substantially contributes to the retention of heat at dusk. The cover is also designed to reduce chemical and water evaporation. As a consequence of liquid solar covers, the pool’s surface is preserved for a prolonged period of time.

When the pool begins to seem unclean, all you have to do is move the pool solar rings around while cleaning the entire surface of the pool. As you can see, the best pool solar rings really do not need to be removed. Furthermore, the best pool solar rings will quickly separate to eliminate tie-ups in sudden falls.

Even still, these solar coverings are more difficult to remove properly when we want to swim than a single-piece cover. Fortunately, they are easier to get back into the water than a flattened cover. This is not a major issue to be concerned about.
Solar Sun Rings Plain Circular Solar Cover – Pros & Cons


  • It has a functional design and a low price.
  • Reduces utility bills
  • Works consistently in absorbing sunlight and preventing tie-ups in falls.
  • Aids in reducing chemical and water evaporation.
  • It is portable and may be moved around when cleaning the pool.
  • Does an excellent job of maintaining heat in the pool water at night.


  • When compared to a single-piece cover, it is slightly more difficult to remove.
To summarize, this item was simple to assemble and performed admirably for its intended function. This is a secure bet for purchasers searching for a simple and cost-effective solution!

Solar Sun Rings – Spa Cover Solar Sun Squares for Pool

Spa Cover Solar Sun Squares for Pool
Solar Sun Rings – Spa Cover Solar Sun Squares for Pool
View on Amazon

Solar Sun Squares are created by the same folks that created the original Solar Sun Ring concept, and they function in the same way best solar rings in general.

These are some of the biggest inflatable solar pool heaters available, making them an obvious choice for bigger square or rectangular-shaped pools.

However, because they lack anchors or magnets, they will be more difficult to maintain in place than circular options. They are also by far the most expensive choice, both per unit and per square inch of coverage.

Solar Sun Rings – Spa Cover Solar Sun Squares for Pool – Pros & Cons


  • In square or rectangular pools, it is possible to offer a very full surface covering.
  • The greatest coverage per unit


  • Expensive
  • There are no anchors or magnets to keep them in place.

Splash-A-Round Pools S-1254 Heat Squares Heating Covers

Splash-A-Round Pools S-1254 Heat Squares Heating Covers
Splash-A-Round Pools S-1254 Heat Squares Heating Covers
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These products differ somewhat from typical solar pool rings. These are square in form rather than circular or oval. It increases their surface area and ensures that the heating squares cover a larger region of your pool. I was delighted by its surface area and ease of installation, which I believe are its best characteristics. Unlike other sun rings, they do not need to be inflated and may be used right away.

You may buy them individually or in packs of 3, 6, 10, or 12, depending on the size of your pool. They considerably reduce evaporation and chemical loss, which both contribute significantly to pool temperature regulation.

Manufacturers claim they’re unsinkable and suitable for all sorts of pools, but I found this to be true under regular weather conditions. Looking at the general design, I believe the lack of inflation aids in staying in good form for a long time.

They also provide a 3-year warranty, ensuring that you are not stuck with a product you dislike.

Splash-A-Round Pools S-1254 Heat Squares Heating Covers – Pros & Cons


  • A wide surface area avoids the requirement for a large number of heating squares to be purchased all at once.
  • Ideal for pools that are square or rectangular in shape.
  • You don’t need to inflate them, so that’s one step removed from the setup process.


  • Because of their square form and non-inflatable nature, they can be difficult to maintain and handle.

Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover
Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover
View on Amazon

This sun cover is an excellent choice for covering above-ground and in-ground pools. Unlike other similar goods on the market, this one is easy to put on and take off. Despite its heavy-duty construction, it is simple to use; it is light enough for even inexperienced users to put it up.

We really like this pool solar cover since it is simple to cut to get the right fit. Furthermore, this item may prevent up to 95% of pool water evaporation. We’re delighted we bought this pool solar cover since it allows us to fill the pool less frequently and enjoy potentially year-round swimming activities.

If you can’t locate it locally, you can simply purchase it from Amazon or Walmart. This item is available in a variety of sizes. If you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s made of a tough layer of compact bubbles. These are designed to absorb and collect heat to provide a comfortable swimming experience around the clock.

This solar cover’s lovely blue pattern may also improve the appearance of your swimming pool. If you don’t like blue, the vendor also has a clear version available.

On the negative side, this solar cover is prone to breaking down due to UV exposure in high-sun locations. Perhaps this is to be expected, because no matter how robust the material is, if the instrument is subjected to prolonged UV exposure, deterioration may occur.

Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover – Pros & Cons


  • Water evaporation is reduced by up to 95%.
  • Highly recommended for covering above- and in-ground pools effectively.
  • Simple to put on and take off.
  • Heavy-duty but lightweight, featuring bubbles for heat capture.
  • Trimmable to provide an exact fit.
  • There are many sizes and two colors available.


  • Excessive sun spots have a propensity to degrade due to UV exposure.
Finally, this other solar pool rings and cover is a wise choice because it can be simply cut to provide an exact fit above ground solar pool rings. It is an excellent substitute for liquid solar pool covers and circles for above-ground pools.

Intex Solar Cover

Intex Solar Cover
Intex Solar Cover
View on Amazon

This sun cover might aid purchasers who want to experience a longer and warmer swimming season. Its air bubbles are remarkable at holding and distributing the full sun’s rays and intense heat into the pool water. It floats and fits snugly against the pool’s edge.

It does an excellent job of insulating pool water and reducing heat loss due to evaporation. In fact, this technique can reduce water evaporation by up to 95%. Keeping the dirt out of the pool is no longer a pain in the neck for us. Not only that, but this cover helps reduce chemical use.

This cover may be readily removed when not in use. When solar covers are ordered, the package includes a carry bag that allows customers to simply and neatly store the solar cover anywhere. It is easy to use because it is composed of lightweight material. It’s easy to put on and take off in a matter of minutes.

Nonetheless, the main drawback of this solar pool liquid solar cover is that it is not suitable for tough or lengthy use. Many pool owners who utilized this liquid and solar pool cover have said it only lasted a few years. This is most likely due to excessive sun exposure, which might deteriorate the material of the solar pool cover over time.

Intex Solar Cover – Pros & Cons


  • Reduces water evaporation by up to 95% and reduces chemical usage.
  • It does not attract dirt.
  • Absorbs, transfers, and retains heat consistently.
  • Floats and fits inside the pool’s edge.
  • Lightweight and simple to remove and put on.
  • It comes with a tote bag for quick and handy storage.


  • Not suitable for tough or long-term use.
Overall, this spherical solar sun cover is worth the minor expenditure for a couple of years. Its capacity to retain heat is impressive.

Pool Solar Rings
Pool Solar Rings

What to Look for When Purchasing Pool Solar Rings

At first glance, finding the best solar pool covers and solar sun rings, made for pools is not easy. Aside from price and guarantee, other elements must be considered in order to select a useful, dependable, and effective traditional solar pool cover and solar ring made for your needs.

Before purchasing the required product for your swimming pool, consider the following vital features:


The device’s building materials are a critical component to check. This is because they assist solar pool rings in absorbing sunlight and producing the energy required to heat swimming pools.

Furthermore, they keep swimming pools warm at dusk and do not lose the heat created during the day. This is achieved with the help of two pieces of extremely durable vinyl.

As a result, a traditional solar heat pool cover ring with thick vinyl layers can provide prolonged heat while also protecting the solar pool heaters and solar pool heater cover ring from the sun’s UV radiation. A high-quality, used solar pool heater cover ring may last for four years.


Sure, you can’t ignore a solar pool ring’s performance and efficiency when evaluating its functions and features.

An efficient device can absorb more sunlight in a short period of time and is capable of providing an appropriate heating solution to a swimming pool.

Choose a ring that can generate enough heat to meet your needs while also having a long lifespan. This ensures the expected service and warm water for a more comfortable and peaceful swimming experience.

The pool’s dimensions

Another important consideration is the size of the swimming pool. It is important to select an appropriate design and model for your swimming pool. Choose options with strong rings and heavy-duty heating capabilities for big pools.

Consider a ring that is easy to put up and store and is compact for small swimming pools. As you may know, a small pool has less water area than a bigger one.

Design and decoration

Most solar pool rings are designed in triangular or circular forms. It is important to choose a design that takes into account the location and shape of your swimming for most solar pool rings.

Consider a form that will easily fit in your swimming pool if it is square in shape. Consider circular-formed solar rings as alternative forms.

Keep in mind that a solar pool ring with an appropriate design will enhance the appearance of the very best solar pool ring. A striking décor undoubtedly improves the very best solar pool ring’s outside appearance.

You may also be interested in the list of the best solar ionizers and pool cleaners. Also, if you're planning a picnic, don't forget to check out the list of the best solar side ovens and solar showers for the outdoors.


Solar rings are designed to create heat for various sorts of pools. Overall, the finest solar heat rings for pools are designed to provide you with warm water, resulting in a more peaceful and fulfilling recreational activity with loved ones and friends.

We realize that with so many options available, it might be difficult to choose the best one for yourself. The selections listed above are what wise shoppers throughout the world often purchase. However, we still urge that you analyze their features, advantages, and disadvantages so that you can make an informed selection.


Solar rings or discs, on the other hand, are ineffective since they can only cover 75% of the pool surface. The openings enable direct sunlight to warm the entire pool top, but the warmth is uneven. Furthermore, solar rings are prone to evaporation and may not maintain heat for an extended period of time.

A fully covered pool will heat up to 10–15 degrees in around 6 hours, according to experts. There is conflicting information available on pool temperature. According to some analysts, three consecutive days of sun will result in temperatures above ground pool ranging from 7 to 10 degrees.

Solar sun rings are an efficient technique to keep your pool water warmer, avoid evaporation, and minimize the amount of chlorine you need. They also help you save money on heating and electricity bills, and cleaning time.

Both solar blankets and solar blanket rings have a high durability rating. Solar mats with solar blanket coverings or solar sun rings will typically last five to 10 years, with most manufacturers providing a five-year warranty.

Solar sun rings are an efficient technique to keep your pool water warmer, avoid evaporation, and minimize the amount of chlorine you need. They also help you save money on heating bills and cleaning time.

We recommend purchasing enough Solar Sun Rings to cover 70% to 80% of the surface of your pool, ignoring the little triangles between the solar sun rings and pool rings themselves. For freeform pools, we recommend starting with one solar sun ring for every 50 square feet of surface area and adding other solar pool rings as needed.

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