Weco, an Italian battery producer, has unveiled a model new energy storage system for residential capabilities.

The 5K0 battery is on the market in two variations often called 5K0 Skilled and 5K0 Good, respectively. The 5K0 Skilled system comes with out an inverter and the 5K0 Good is an all-in-one reply along with a hybrid inverter.

“The one-phase fashions will possible be on the market in Italy from April with new CEI 0-21 certification, whereas the three-phase fashions are being licensed for the principal European and U.S. markets,” a spokesperson from the company suggested. “By the highest of 2024, a 7.6 kWh mannequin will possible be on the market with a storage functionality of as a lot as 110 kWh for small industrial capabilities. It could be blended with high-voltage three-phase inverters.”

Each battery unit has a storage functionality of 5.12 kWh, with normal dimensions of 669 mm x 185 mm x 340 mm and a weight of fifty kg. The lithium-ion system makes use of LiFePO4 as a result of the cathode supplies have an ambient working temperature various from -20 C to 50 C.

The brand-new product has a functionality of 5.12 kWh and is scalable as a lot as 60 kWh. It encompasses a depth of discharge of 100% and a rated charge-discharge voltage of 450 V.

It comes with a 10-year assure and will purportedly perform for higher than 6,000 cycles. It moreover choices an IP65 security stage.

As for the 5K0 Skilled system, its inverter has an output of as a lot as 6 kW and a PV most enter voltage of 600 V. It has 2 MPPTs and, by the producer, can be outsized by as a lot as 150% by way of optimizers.

“It is doable to connect as many as 4 inverters in parallel and use the Weco Gateway app for optimized administration of the tons of,” the spokesperson acknowledged.