Seraphim Solar Panels Full Review (2024)

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Once you’re considering the arrange of picture voltaic panels for your own home and have an interest within the newest merchandise from quite a few worldwide companies, your installer might counsel Seraphim picture voltaic panels. Whereas this mannequin is not going to be as well-known throughout the USA because it’s in numerous worldwide places, its picture voltaic panels present good price and effectivity on par with additional famed producers.

Key Components

  • Agency Profile: Seraphim, established in 2011 in China, quickly gained recognition as a Tier 1 picture voltaic panel producer. Recognized for passing the rigorous “Thresher Test,” the company produces monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells and modules with an annual functionality of 5.5 GW all through its worldwide providers.
  • USA Manufacturing Standing: Seraphim in the mean time has no energetic manufacturing vegetation throughout the USA. Earlier plans for a facility in Mississippi confronted licensed and operational challenges. However, their worldwide operations, notably in China, proceed, and their panels could be discovered throughout the U.S. market.
  • Photograph voltaic Panel Range: Seraphim’s lineup consists of the S2, S3, S4, and S5 sequence, applicable for residential and industrial use. These panels attribute superior half-cut monocrystalline PERC cells, with the S2 sequence notable for as a lot as 20.83% effectivity and the S5 sequence reaching as a lot as 21.6% effectivity.
  • Pricing and Assure: Seraphim panels are competitively priced, with a typical 6 kW system costing $15,000 to $20,000 throughout the U.S. The mannequin offers worldwide availability and durable warranties, along with a 15-year product assure and a 25-year power output assure, making sure sturdiness and long-term effectivity.

Regarding the Agency

Seraphim, formally acknowledged as “Jiangsu Seraphim Photograph voltaic System Co, Ltd,” is a relatively new participant throughout the picture voltaic panel manufacturing {{industry}}, established in 2011 in Changzhou, China. The company operates on a vertically built-in model, producing not solely the picture voltaic panels (modules) put in on rooftops however moreover the cells inside these modules. Seraphim manufactures every monocrystalline and polycrystalline picture voltaic cells and modules in its worldwide factories.

The company initially gained recognition for its picture voltaic panels passing the demanding “Thresher Test,” a stringent analysis of picture voltaic panel top quality. This achievement underscored Seraphim’s ability to offer picture voltaic modules that adhere to the perfect necessities of durability and top quality.

In 2015, Seraphim earned the excellence of being categorized as a Tier 1 producer by Bloomberg New Vitality Finance (BNEF). As we communicate, the company has a strong annual manufacturing functionality of 5.5 gigawatts, with providers spanning two continents.

Manufacturing Areas of Seraphim

Seraphim operates with a worldwide presence, having workplaces all through six continents and module manufacturing providers located in China, South Africa, and Vietnam. The company’s latest manufacturing web site is in Vietnam, with a producing functionality of 750 MW of picture voltaic panels yearly. Combined, all Seraphim providers can present 5.5 GW of picture voltaic panels yearly.

USA Manufacturing Change for Seraphim

Referring to Seraphim’s manufacturing actions throughout the USA, there is not a gift Seraphim manufacturing plant in operation. Beforehand, in 2015, a Texas-based entity named “Seraphim Photograph voltaic USA Manufacturing” claimed distinctive rights to manufacture, promote, and distribute Seraphim-branded merchandise in America and launched plans to open a 300 MW facility in Mississippi. By late 2018, this facility had reached a producing functionality of 160 MW per yr and declared a short-lived closure for enlargement. However, plainly manufacturing did not resume thereafter.

By the tip of 2018, licensed factors emerged. Seraphim Photograph Voltaic USA Manufacturing confronted lawsuits alleging contract breaches due to unfulfilled product deliveries. In 2019, a Nevada-based agency, Seraphim Photograph voltaic Holdings (SSH), filed a lawsuit claiming it held the distinctive rights to the Seraphim title throughout the Americas.

This case presents a complicated and perhaps unresolved scenario. Within the meantime, the Chinese language language mom or father agency, Seraphim, continues its operations simply in numerous elements of the world. Globally, Seraphim panels protect their recognition, and U.S. picture voltaic installers proceed to produce Seraphim panels manufactured in South Africa and totally different worldwide locations. Let’s focus on discussing these options.

Seraphim’s Photograph Voltaic Panel Decisions

Seraphim in the mean time presents 4 most important picture voltaic panel traces: the S2 sequence, tailored for residential picture voltaic installations, and the S3, S4 and S5 sequence, designed for greater industrial and industrial features.

All current Seraphim modules incorporate high-efficiency half-cut monocrystalline PERC picture voltaic cells. Breaking down the technical phrases, PERC stands for “Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact,” an experience enhancing the conversion effectivity of picture voltaic vitality to electrical power in a cell.

As an alternative to using typical sq. cells, Seraphim opts to cut its cells in half. This technique minimizes the hazard of cell overheating and boosts whole effectivity. Furthermore, the panels are configured into excessive and bottom halves, allowing each half to deal with full power output even when one half is shaded.

Previous customary fashions, Seraphim moreover offers bifacial variations of its S2, S3, S4, and S5 traces. These modules are designed for arrange on raised racks, enabling them to grab vitality mirrored from the underside beneath. However, bifacial panels are usually not advisable for residential use. Additional knowledge on all these panels is in the marketplace.

S2 Sequence Overview

Launched in 2019, the S2 Sequence from Seraphim consists of every bifacial and monofacial panels, notably together with their ‘Blade’ panel design. This sequence makes use of 156 half-cut monocrystalline cell experience, a means now extensively adopted throughout the picture voltaic panel {{industry}} to spice up power yield and shading resilience. The panels throughout the S2 Sequence present an affect fluctuate from 320Wp to 455Wp and boast efficiencies of as a lot as 20.83%. This sequence represents a mixture of modern experience and effectivity, catering to a variety of picture voltaic vitality desires.

S3 Sequence Overview

The next S3 Sequence from Seraphim consists of every monofacial and bifacial panel, with fashions identical to the SRP-375-BMB-HV attaining efficiencies of as a lot as 20.07%. This sequence incorporates a multi-busbar design and makes use of barely greater 166 mm silicon wafers, enhancing the final power output of the panels. Consequently, the S3 panels are greater in dimension, measuring 2094x1038x35mm, which is additional substantial as compared with the S2 sequence.

Furthermore, the S3 sequence choices twin glass panels, that are notable for his or her decreased annual degradation cost of 0.45%. This aspect enhances the long-term effectivity and sturdiness of the S3 picture voltaic panels, making them a compelling different for these in the hunt for sturdy and high-performance picture voltaic choices.

S4 Sequence Overview

Launched in 2020, the Seraphim S4 picture voltaic panel sequence represents an enormous growth in picture voltaic experience, integrating big 182 mm silicon wafers with PERC, multi-busbar, half-cell utilized sciences, and high-density encapsulation. This combination results in probably the most power output of 550Wp for the sequence, with some fashions identical to the SRP-555-BMA-HV reaching spectacular efficiencies of over 21% (notably 21.48%).

The larger dimension and elevated number of picture voltaic cells throughout the S4 sequence make these panels notably applicable for large-scale features, akin to ground-mounted picture voltaic duties and industrial rooftops.

Furthermore, the S4 sequence offers versatility with bifacial and lightweight twin glass decisions, sustaining an equivalent power fluctuate. These choices make the S4 sequence an excellent alternative for patrons in the hunt for high-efficiency, large-scale picture voltaic choices.

S5 Sequence Overview

The S5 sequence from Seraphim represents a further enhancement in picture voltaic panel experience and effectivity. This sequence incorporates exceptionally big 210mm silicon wafers, combined with superior choices like PERC, multi-busbar cell experience, and high-density encapsulation. These enhancements permit the S5 sequence to achieve an impressive most effectivity of as a lot as 21.6%.

Given their substantial dimension and extreme power output, panels throughout the S5 sequence are ideally suited to utility-scale picture voltaic farm duties. These panels are designed to meet the requires large-scale vitality manufacturing, making them a serious different for expansive picture voltaic installations.

Seraphim Photograph voltaic Panel Effectivity

As in contrast with totally different producers, Seraphim stands out for its use of high-quality provides and adherence to industry-standard utilized sciences and effectivity metrics. Its modules exhibit efficiencies ranging from 18.8% to twenty.6%, producing between 315 and 450 watts of power under optimum daylight conditions. This output varies based mostly totally on the number of cells in each panel and the effectivity of each cell.

Referring to temperature resilience, Seraphim panels experience a 0.35% decrease in output for every diploma Celsius rise above 25° C (77° F), aligning with {{industry}} norms.

Value and Availability of Seraphim Photograph voltaic Panels

Seraphim picture voltaic panels are competitively priced contained in the market. For the usual 6 kW picture voltaic system using Seraphim panels, the on a regular basis worth ranges from $15,000 to $20,000, reflecting the current nationwide pricing for picture voltaic panels. However, it’s important to remember the fact that the final word worth may fluctuate counting on elements like system dimension, geographical location, and the complexity of the arrange in your roof.

Referring to availability, Seraphim has product sales workplaces on every continent in addition to Africa and Antarctica. The mannequin has important recognition in Southeast Asia, and Australian companies have been effectively selling Seraphim modules for numerous years with constructive outcomes.

In America, Seraphim panels are a lot much less typically found, nonetheless, they’re nonetheless utilized in numerous hundred picture voltaic installations yearly. As Seraphim continues to find out its reliability and effectivity, it’s anticipated that additional U.S. picture voltaic installers will begin to provide Seraphim panels as a helpful alternative for patrons.

Assure of Seraphim Photograph voltaic Panels

Seraphim stands barely ahead of {{industry}} necessities with its picture voltaic panel warranties.

The assure for the Sequence S2 panels from Seraphim assures that the provides and workmanship will keep faultless for 15 years. Furthermore, the company ensures that all through the primary yr, the panels will operate at a minimal of 98% of their rated power. Over the subsequent 24 years, the flexibility manufacturing functionality is assured to lower by no more than 0.55% yearly, making sure that by the tip of the assure interval, the panels will nonetheless produce not lower than 84.8% of their distinctive rated output.

This 15-year product assure surpasses the usual 12-year assure equipped by most Tier 1 picture voltaic producers. The 25-year power output assure aligns with the broader {{industry}} customary. Whereas it couldn’t equal the warranties of top-tier picture voltaic panels from producers like Qcells and Maxeon, Seraphim’s pricing, which is additional moderately priced than these high-end producers, makes it a stunning price proposition.

A level of consideration is Seraphim’s standing as a privately held agency. This aspect makes it tough to judge their financial stability and long-term viability, which is pertinent given the 25-year interval prospects might depend upon their merchandise. The scarcity of public financial data is likely to be a precedence for some potential shoppers considering the long-term dedication to Seraphim’s picture voltaic panels on their property.

Professionals and Cons of Seraphim Photograph voltaic Panels


  • Bloomberg Tier 1 Rating: Seraphim is acknowledged as a Bloomberg Tier 1 picture voltaic panel producer, indicating an extreme diploma of reliability and bankability.
  • Prime Performer in PV Evolution Labs: The company’s merchandise has been acknowledged as excessive performer in PV Evolution Labs, showcasing their top quality and effectivity.


  • Restricted Premium Decisions: Seraphim’s product fluctuate is predominantly focused on the mid-range, cost-effective mass market, lacking decisions throughout the premium part.
  • Comparatively Shorter Agency Historic previous: Relative to totally different Chinese language language picture voltaic panel producers, Seraphim has a shorter historic previous, which may affect perceptions of experience and long-term reliability throughout the {{industry}}.

Seraphim Photograph Voltaic Panels: The Final Analysis

Seraphim picture voltaic panels are acknowledged for or their high quality and are incessantly accessible at aggressive prices. They incorporate superior utilized sciences akin to PERC and half-cut cells. Referring to their 25-year effectivity assure, Seraphim stands shoulder to shoulder with totally different Tier 1 picture voltaic panel producers like Trina and Longi, indicating a strong likelihood of long-term sturdiness and reliability.

Whereas it could possibly be helpful for the company to grow to be publicly traded and provide financial disclosures referring to their product sales and profitability, this knowledge gap doesn’t detract significantly from the inherent top quality and effectivity of their merchandise.

For homeowners considering picture voltaic vitality, Seraphim panels are a viable alternative, notably in case your installer offers them at a constructive price. Their technological choices and aggressive assure make them a contender worth considering throughout the picture voltaic panel market.


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