Phono Solar Panels Review (2024)


Phono Photograph Voltaic, headquartered in China, specializes inside the manufacturing of tier-1 picture voltaic panels. The company provides these panels at a aggressive price of $2.50 per watt, undercutting the nationwide frequent worth of $3.00 per watt. Furthermore, Phono Photograph voltaic’s number of picture voltaic panel fashions have spectacular effectivity ranges.

Now, let’s get into the small print of these panels to seek out out whether or not or not they’re a suitable choice on your residential picture voltaic enterprise.

Key Elements

  1. Worth-Effectiveness: Phono Photograph Voltaic offers picture voltaic panels underneath the nationwide frequent worth, providing a cheap decision for picture voltaic energy needs.
  2. Effectivity: The company panels, significantly inside the TwinPlus and Helios sequence, are extreme in effectivity, making them an environment friendly choice for the ability period.
  3. Numerous Differ: Phono Photograph Voltaic’s product line accommodates monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels applicable for diverse functions, that embrace superior utilized sciences for enhanced effectivity.
  4. Assure Phrases: Phono Photograph Voltaic provides a 12-year product assure and a 25-year effectivity assure, guaranteeing long-term reliability and effectivity of their panels.
  5. Normal Value: No matter sure limitations in assure safety, Phono Photograph voltaic’s combination of affordability, effectivity, and top quality offers good value, notably for residential picture voltaic installations.

What Does Phono Photograph Voltaic Provide?

Phono Photograph voltaic produces picture voltaic modules for residential and industrial functions, utilizing every monocrystalline and polycrystalline picture voltaic cells. We’ll uncover intimately among the many picture voltaic panels they supply.

TwinPlus X Module

Phono Photograph voltaic’s TwinPlus Module sequence utterly choices monocrystalline picture voltaic cells, which might be crafted from a single silicon crystal, enhancing their effectivity and giving them a continuing coloration.

Furthermore, the TwinPlus sequence incorporates half-cell experience, reducing resistive losses and enhancing the cells’ resilience to mechanical stress.

Among the many many diversified TwinPlus X module decisions, solely the fashions with 108 cells are useful for residential installations.

Helios Module


Similar to the TwinPlus sequence, the Helios line by Phono Photograph voltaic employs half-cut monocrystalline cells and multi-busbar experience, resulting in extraordinarily environment-friendly picture voltaic panels.

The Helios lineup accommodates a number of fashions, with the 60-cell variations being significantly useful for residential picture voltaic setups.

However, Phono Photograph Voltaic does not present datasheets for the residential fashions on their web site. On the market knowledge signifies that their vitality output ranges from 380 W to 400 W.

What is the Value Differ for Phono Photograph Voltaic Panels?

Organizing a photo voltaic vitality system with Phono Photograph voltaic panels often costs round $17,500 sooner than making use of incentives such because the federal picture voltaic tax credit score rating, equating to roughly $2.50 per watt.

The last word worth for the Phono Photograph voltaic panel setup can vary based totally on the chosen installer and your geographical location. Phono Photograph Voltaic’s pricing is notably underneath the nationwide frequent picture voltaic worth of $3.00 per watt as of January 2023.

Whereas $17,500 might appear steep, it’s comparatively additional cheap compared with totally different high-efficiency Tier 1 picture voltaic panels like Sunpower, which could exceed $21,000.

To get a tailored estimate of picture voltaic panel costs in your needs, consider using our photo voltaic calculator. It provides precise monetary financial savings projections based totally in your electrical vitality bill.

What’s the Assure for Phono Photograph Voltaic’s Panels?

Phono Photograph Voltaic provides a 12-year product assure alongside a 25-year efficiency guarantee. The assure interval commences each on the provision date from Phono Photograph voltaic to the purchaser or 180 days post-manufacture of the module, relying on which is earlier.

Product Assure

This assure ensures that Phono Photograph Voltaic’s modules will in all probability be free from defects beneath commonplace utilization, setup, and operation circumstances. Should any defects be acknowledged all through the primary 12 years, Phono Photograph Voltaic commits to repairing or altering the panels at no additional worth.

Whereas Phono’s product assure aligns with enterprise norms, some rivals present extended warranties of as a lot as 25 years upon product registration, a risk Phono does not presently match. However, given their Tier 1 standing and DNV-GL rankings, Phono Photograph voltaic’s manufacturing top quality is deemed sturdy, suggesting a decreased likelihood of product defects.

Effectivity Assure

The important side of a photograph voltaic panel assure is its effectivity, which accounts for the pure degradation over time. This degradation impacts the panel’s means to supply vitality on the an identical stage as when new.

The degradation price and subsequent effectivity assure vary by panel model. For monocrystalline panels, the power output as per Regular Take a Have a look at Conditions (STC) is anticipated to drop by 2.0% to a few.0% inside the first 12 months, with a yearly low cost of 0.55% to 0.7% thereafter, model-dependent. Polycrystalline panels will see a first-year degradation of two.5%, adopted by an annual decrease of no more than 0.7%. By the twenty-fifth 12 months, panels ought to hold out at a minimal of 80.7% of their preliminary STC-rated functionality.

No matter Phono Photograph Voltaic’s commendable specs, the assure phrases are perceived as a a lot much less aggressive side. The enterprise commonplace for annual degradation is round 0.5%, and whereas Phono’s costs shouldn’t be significantly bigger, significantly for the 0.55% price fashions, the 0.7% willpower does exceed the norm, doubtlessly impacting long-term effectivity.

For optimum longevity and effectivity, a decreased degradation price is preferable, guaranteeing the panels keep as close to their genuine vitality output as attainable over time.

Are Phono Photograph Voltaic Panels the Correct Choice for You?

Phono Photograph voltaic panels are an excellent risk for residential picture voltaic energy applications. The company’s quite a few number of picture voltaic photovoltaic (PV) merchandise is designed to cater to the assorted requirements of homeowners. Their monocrystalline panels, significantly, are acknowledged for his or her extreme effectivity, with some fashions having efficiencies exceeding 21%. Moreover, these high-output, environment-friendly panels could be discovered at prices extra aggressive than many predominant producers.

Whatever the quite a few good components of the Phono Photograph voltaic panels, Phono Photograph voltaic decisions embrace certain drawbacks. The warranties supplied by the company, whereas satisfactory, do not lead the enterprise by the use of safety or interval. No matter this, the preliminary extreme vitality output of many Phono panels means they’re extra more likely to maintain substantial effectivity ranges over time, even accounting for the higher degradation costs.

Normal, Phono Photograph Voltaic represents a dependable choice, producing top-quality Tier 1 picture voltaic panels, all at a cheap worth. For households attempting to transition to clean, renewable energy, Phono Photograph voltaic panels might very effectively be useful funding.


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