Japan’s Ministry of Financial System, Commerce and Enterprise (METI) has revealed the FIT costs it wants to make use of for brand new residential, industrial, and industrial photograph voltaic installations for 2024 and 2025.

For residential PV strategies beneath 10 kW in dimension, the Japanese authorities will award a FIT of JPY 16/kWh this 12 months and JPY 15/kWh in 2025.


For rooftop PV installations ranging in dimension from 10 kW to 50 kW, the FIT could be JPY 10/kWh inside the first half of 2023, JPY 12/kWh inside the second half of the 12 months, and JPY 11.5/kWh in 2025.

For industrial and industrial PV strategies between 50 kW and 250 kW in dimension, the FIT could be JPY 9.5/kWh inside the first six months of this 12 months, JPY 12/kWh inside the second half, and JPY 11.5/kWh subsequent 12 months.

METI may present FITs ranging from JPY 8.9/kWh to JPY 10/kWh for residential, industrial, and industrial installations which could be deployed on the underside.

In addition to the Japanese authorities additionally said that it will keep 4 auctions for photograph voltaic duties exceeding 250 kW in dimension in 2024. The ceiling prices for the 4 procurement exercises have been set at JPY 9.2/kWh, JPY 9.13/kWh, JPY 9.05/kWh, and JPY 8.98/kWh.