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Does It Make Sense To Have 500-watt Solar Panels

Does It Make Sense To Have 500-watt Solar Panels In 2022?

Solar technology is becoming stronger. Seven of the top solar panel manufacturers are now producing 500-watt solar panels.
500 Watts is an extremely impressive output for one solar panel. The standard output of residential solar panels for 2022 is between 350 between 400 and 350 W.

We are aware that 500 W solar panels are massive. Are they more efficient?

In this post, we’ll explain all you should learn about solar panels that produce 500 W as well as if they’re worth it in your own home.

What is a solar panel with 500 watts?

The wattage of a solar panel with 500 watts is calculated under optimal sun and temperatures. A 500W solar panel can produce 2 kilowatts (kWh) of power per day in a place with a normal quantity of sunshine.

As for efficiency, the majority the panels with 500 W that we evaluated have an efficiency of 21% or more.. It is recommended to have twelve 500 W solar panels in order to create a typical home system, which has 6 Kilowatts (kW) from solar power.

For comparison, constructing the equivalent system of 6 kW with the standard modules of 375 W would require 16 panels. To figure out the number of solar panels that you’d require for your home make use of this solar panel calculator here.

Technology that powers 500-watt solar panels.

A variety of ingenuous solar technology is used to attain the solar panel’s rating that is 500W. Two technologies are typically used to create these panels.

Half-cut solar cells

The 500 W solar panels we tested are built using half-cut solar cell technology..

Half-cut solar panels have the same dimensions to conventional solar cells but provide more power. In halving conventional solar cells it also cuts down its current. This decreases resistance loss, making half-cut solar cells marginally more efficient.

This technology is the most efficient method to generate solar energy from the same area. There shouldn’t be much of a price difference between the two cell types.

Bifacial modules

For most solar panels of 500 watts in order to reach their wattage ratings, they build the panels bifacial. Bifacial solar panel are double-sided, which means they are able to capture sunlight and convert the energy into electricity from both sides.

Bifacial panels can only be used for utility-scale or ground-mount solar installations. The reason for this is that the back side needs to be exposed to light. This is the same reason why Bifacial panels are not suitable in roof installations, as they’d require to be placed directly on the roofing.

What is the size of the solar panel that is 500 watts? (size and number of cells)

Solar panels with 500 watts are usually comprised of half-cut Monocrystalline cell.

The average size of a 500 W panel measures 27.53 sq. feet (7.40 feet and 3.72 feet). This means that panels made of 500 W are massive, and therefore more suitable for commercial use.

For a better view take a look at the dimensions and number of cells in commercial and residential solar panels. Two modules are made by the solar company LONGi for example.

  • Solar panels for residential use  – are solar panels made of 60 solar cells or its latest equivalent 120 cells cut in half. They typically measure at approximately 5.76 feet by 3.41 feet. Example: LONGi Hi-MO 4m
  • Solar panels for commercial use  – are larger solar panels traditionally constructed with 72 cells but are now produced with 144 cut cells. They have a bigger area, which is around 7.40 feet by 3.72 feet. Example: LONGi Hi-MO 5m


What is 500-watt solar panels are used to do?

500-watt solar panels were designed to power larger solar installations. They are used in a variety of configurations like:

  • Utility-scale solar farms
  • Commercial jobs
  • Systemes for Ground Mount


Are solar panels of 500 watts are worth the cost to your house?

500-watt solar panels have a place, but definitely not on the roof of your house. They’re just not feasible to put up or maintain, and they’re not cost-effective.

Physical size

The huge area of 500W solar panels make it difficult to squeeze them into the corners and crevices of a roof for residential use. It’s generally possible to create a solar power system that can provide more power using smaller solar panels that are more convenient to set up and spread out.

In addition, the massive physical dimension with 500 W panel make them hard to transport, which makes installation tasks more difficult.

Cost and performance

Regarding performance in terms of performance, solar panels with 500 W aren’t guaranteed to provide any advantages.

500W solar panels are usually not any superior (or less) than the standard residential panels with respect to efficiency rating and temperature coefficiency or other specs. They are rated higher in watts simply because they are larger. If you’re not careful You can get the same amount of power from a 6-kW system made of 12 500W solar panels, or the 6-kW system built of 16 375 W solar panels.

Also, it’s not the wattage of each panel that are important, but the power of the entire system. In actual fact the 6-kW system with panels that produce 375 W will cost you less but will provide the same solar power on your roof.

Summary: Not worth it

500W solar panels are typically used for large-scale installations in which the size of the panel isn’t an issue. However, they’re not the best choice for solar panels placed on the rooftop of your house.

If anyone can create an affordable 500 W panel with a smaller, more affordable 120 half-cell module, please sign me up.


What is the most efficient solar panel power for your home?

If solar panels with 500 watts don’t work for you, what panel would you recommend?

In 2022 the 350-400 W solar panel will be the most sought-after option for residential installation. This is because this model offers the greatest combination of three crucial solar panel elements dimensions, cost and efficiency. Solar companies usually offer a range of different types of panels. They almost all of them will have at the very least one panel within the 350-400 W range.

If you’re curious about finding how many solar panels you will need make use of our calculator for solar. It’s extremely accurate since it is based upon previous solar installations that have been installed in your area. It will determine the size of your system that you would like to have the monthly electric bill, after solar, and estimates of savings over the next 25 years.

Once you have your results, you may request estimates from 1-4 nearby solar contractors.

Which panel manufacturers offer 500-watt panels for solar?

Most of the best solar panel brands have 500-watt options.

We have recently developed an expert-graded rating system for the top solar panel manufacturers among the Top Ten brands, seven of them offer solar panels with 500W or more. Certain brands offer multiple models that exceed 500 W. In this case we’ve listed only their most powerful models.

Table. 500 W to 600 W solar panels made by the top manufacturers in the industry

Solar manufacturer



Q Cells

570-590 W

Canadian Solar

570-590 W

535-560 W


535-555 W

Jinko Solar

530-550 W

JA Solar

525-550 W

520-545 W


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What is the most powerful solar panel?

The solar panel that has the most power is made in the United States by Risen Solar, coming in at 700 watts. massive 700 Watts.

The solar panel that has the second-highest power is a 670-watt panel made by Trina Solar.

It’s important to know the fact that these panels are considerably bigger than other panels that are available, but nonetheless, it is impressive to witness this high-quality output.



  • 500-watt solar panels were designed to accommodate bigger solar arrays.
  • Half-cut cell technology can be found in 500-watt panels.
  • They have an efficiency score of approximately 21%.
  • The majority of 500-watt panels aren’t more efficient than the top residential panels. They’re just larger.



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