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Can You Walk On Solar Panels

Making the switch to a greener energy source, such as solar panels is always a wise choice. It provides additional support to your roof, reduces the carbon footprint of your home, and cut down on your energy costs. While it can provide many benefits but the upkeep of these panels can be difficult. It is also necessary to take care to clean them frequently to stop dust from building up and affecting the effective storage of your panels.

One tip that you’ll find frequently on maintaining your panels in top working condition is not to walk across solar panels. Experts suggest that you should not take this step. Our article will help clarify this confusion and clarify the reasons for the reason why experts aren’t getting in the way of this producer of solar energy.

What is the maximum weight solar Panels Take on?

In the beginning, it’s crucial to realize that there are a variety of varieties that solar panels come in but not all of them are equally robust as the other one. For example, thin-film flexible solar panels are not as durable and robust as standard crystal silicon panels.

The glass on the top of PV modules is designed to shield it. It’s made with specific specifications to resist damage. It can withstand a few tonnes of snow blows from hail or dust particles as well as endure the force of hurricanes.

The majority of solar panels can withstand a maximal weight ratio of 75 pounds for each square inch (psi). Since the typical PV panel measures 65 x 39 inches (2,535 square. in) The PV module is able to be able to withstand around 190 lbs that’s a bit below the average weight of an individual and therefore possible to walk over it without causing damage. If you weigh more than 200 pounds should not stand on the solar module since there is a greater chance of breaking the glass.

How Can Solar Panels Get Damaged by Walking on Top of Them?

Solar Panels

There are many ways to harm a panel or decrease the power output. This, when considering the solar panel’s cost isn’t worthwhile. This article explains the various harm you can do to PV modules by walking over them.

Exceptions For Marine Solar Panels

There are marine panels specifically designed to be walkable and designed to endure the harsh marine conditions, however they don’t work well for commercial or residential roofing surfaces.

Smudging the Glass

In certain instances there is a reduction in power output from a PV system walking across a module may result in the scratched glass. Based on how deep and deep the scratch it will result in reduced output of your solar panel. In order to fix the issue, it is necessary to contact an expert to fix the damage and replace the entire glass of the panel.

Scratch the Glass

In certain instances, there is a reduction in power output from a PV system walking over a module could be a sign of scratched glass. Depending on the depth and severe the scratch it will result in an increase in the output of your solar panel. To remedy this issue you must contact an expert technician to fix the damage and replace the entire glass of the panel.

The breaking of a Solar Cell

If the weight you place on the top of your PV module is excessive it could damage or damage a solar cell. The majority of the time, in 60% of instances that a solar panel is damaged, there’s an immediate reduction in the power output of the PV module’s performance, leading to a reduction in voltage or a reduction in power overall. When the panel is not wired with microinverters or optimizers, there could be a continuous reduction in the energy output of the system. Your insurance provider may pay for this loss in the event of a lucky strike If otherwise, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to repair or replace your panel.

Breaking the Busbars between Solar Cells

While a damaged solar cell can affect the efficiency of the system should you cause damage to the busbars that connect the solar cells that are between them in a PV module, the system will be severely affected. This could be a huge issue in the case of a grid-connected solar array because you’ll be many hours without electricity until you resolve the problem.

Busbars that connect solar cells ensure the flow of electricity from one solar cell to the next and also from each panel. The majority of modules come with multiple conductors to guarantee the proper circulation of electricity, without overheating the module.

If you break one tire that connects the solar cells there’s a chance of the solar module will begin to overheat due to this. You must disconnect the panel or the entire string and then replace it to resolve this. If you damage several busbars, your entire PV string could be disconnected because of the interruption of flow that is creating an open circuit in the PV system.

Do you have to be careful walking in the Solar Panels?

Solar Panels

If you’ve put solar panels on your rooftop, you might think about walking over them to repair them in the event that they fail. You might also decide to walk on them simply because you feel proud owning one and taking a step to protect the environment.

Whatever the reason what are the rules to walk on solar panels?

Do you risk getting burned if you walk across solar panels. In addition are they likely to be damaged if you put too high stress on them.

For the answer to your second query No, you will not be electrocuted. They are safe to stroll on. But, it’s advised against walking on the sun-drenched panels because of a number of reasons. The first reason is that solar panels can be expensive. If you walk across the frames of solar panels or on cells, they could be scratched or damaged. If a cell becomes damaged and damaged, the potential for the power it produces to decrease grows.

Furthermore, in the event of diverse weather conditions and natural disasters even a tiny crevice could grow in size because the continual thermal contraction or expansion will cause the surrounding material to break. In the end, when you consider how much they cost and how difficult they can be to set up or maintain, it’s too risky of damaging one.

Can Solar Panels Break?

Solar Panels

The answer is straightforward. Yes. They could break and there are a variety of components that can make your fully efficient and energy-efficient machine fail or even be broken. For instance, if you walk across solar panels. This is explained clearly in the earlier section. For more details dependent on the type of materials that you use in your panel, and the weight you carry, it can actually damage the solar cells, causing them to become less efficient.

It’s even more dangerous If you’re wearing any type of footwear onto the panels. The dirt on your soles (like rocks or shards) could cause scrapes or scratches on the panel’s surface that can cause the panel to deactivate cells.

Another cause is natural calamities. Hail, in particular, can result in microcracks forming within your panels. These cracks are not visible to the eye but could cause serious harm to your panels when they are accumulated. The snow can also alter the thermal conditions of cells, which can cause their degeneration in terms of performance. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause damage to or even break the panels.

Additionally lightning and storms are not a choice. Sure, the performance of solar panels declines over the course of time. In light of the above factors, do you risk more when walking across solar panel cells, instead of maintaining them for at minimum 25 years? Most likely not.

Can a broken Solar Panel Work? and How do I fix a damaged Panel?

So, what do you do in the event that you break the solar panel while running over it? Did you ruin your investment? The answer is dependent on the amount of damage that incident has caused. In most cases, the homeowner’s insurance will pay for the damages. If just one cell has been damaged or damaged, you might have to replace just the damaged cell, which is not likely to cost you an excessive amount.

If you’re an authority with panels or are able to complete the repairs by yourself, you can follow the old-fashioned method of cleansing the surfaces using denatured alcohol before applying UV-resistant two-part epoxy to close the cracks and also waterproof the panels. This process, however, requires extreme diligence.

Solar panels don’t completely stop working since you scratched on them having walked on there. There could be a reduction in the output of power, however around 10% to 20%. If you’re looking to determine how damaged they are then you can take an assessment of the voltage that is across the tabs on the cells. If they’re not severely damaged it’s possible to get between 85% and 100 % of the rating voltage.

If the damaged or cracked cell didn’t cover the entire surface the waterproofing process can be the solution. The most serious scenario is when the entire panel has a replacement. Microcracks usually are covered under the warranty. Therefore, you could check them out with an expert to ensure a more efficient repair.

Do I need to walk onto the Solar Panels in order to Decontaminate Them?

If you’re seeking to conduct a clean-up of your solar panels and seek advice on how to do it, this section is ideal for you. Here are some helpful tips for performing cleaning and maintenance on your PV system, without risking the PV modules or employing an expert service.

The first step is to purchase the correct solar panel cleaning equipment. Here’s a list of what you’ll require:

  • Lint-free cloth.
  • Soft pad, with an extended pole.
  • Non-abrasive cleaner
  • A low-pressure hose with a water supply

After you have taken your tools ready for cleaning your solar panels, how do you proceed should you do? Use these tips to cleanse your PV modules:

  1. Make sure to clean your panels in the afternoons or evenings when they’ve cooled.
  2. Apply water to the panels, allowing them to scrub off the loose particles.
  3. Spray non-abrasive cleaner then use the soft pad and an extension pole to wash the glass.
  4. To make borders, apply the lint-free cotton cloth as they’re very delicate.
  5. Then utilize the sprayer to water the panels, and then scrub off the debris.
  6. Examine for cracks.


Although solar panels are able to withstand the weight of a large amount and it is possible to take a walk over them, it’s not advised. Numerous factors could result in damage to panels in the PV system, and the risk isn’t worth the risk. While you are able to cleanse your solar panels on your own, however, we only recommend walking around the PV system or to hire certified technicians to do the repairs and maintenance needed on the roof, to avoid damage to it.


A solar panel could have the same weight as in the event that you stand on them, which is why it’s not recommended that you stand on a solar panel.

While it’s definitely feasible to walk on the solar panel, this isn’t advised. Solar panels are made from extremely thin and fragile glass. The impact and force of a step can easily break the glass or even pop it from its frame.

No, you won’t get electrocuted. Consider a solar panel similar to another device.

The only routine maintenance required for solar panels is cleaning them and annually examining them. As long as your panels function well, they don’t require regular maintenance all throughout all year.

Walking on solar panels could invalidate your warranty in the event that damages occur. In addition, hiring non-licensed technicians to clean or work on them could invalidate the legitimacy of your warranty claims.

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